Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dhoom3 Barbie and Ken - Photos by Chicovintage

Dhoom 3 is a new Bollywood action movie. You know by now: action movie = promotional items = dolls and/or action figures based on the action movie. Guess who is looking for a piece of this Bollywood action movie? Yes, Mattel. Mattel has produced a Barbie and a Ken as two characters from Dhoom 3: Sahir/Samar as played by Aamir Khan and Aaliya as played by Katrina Kaif. Ho hum? No way! What excites me about these dolls is that they seem to have unique face sculpts. Mattel had issued a Katrina Kaif Barbie before, but that doll used a standard Barbie-mold. The Drew face mold. That was a bit ho hum. This set of dolls will be Mattel's first South Asian specific face sculpts. And even more cool, the Aaliya Barbie seems to be articulated.

Yay, right? Well ... maybe not so much "yay" as "awww." Why? Alas, the dolls are not sold in the U.S.A. They might be sold only in India. That seems to be the case so far. Sigh.

Checking online vendors, I see that Ram Chander and Sons ship all over the world. Their doll cost is 1,999 Rs - $32.06* - for either Sahir Ken or Aaliya Barbie. That price seems about what we would pay for movie-based dolls here. What about shipping and handling? Let's break that down:

Buying one of the Dhoom dolls:

$32.06* Ken doll
$45.00  Shipping 1 doll

Buying both of the Dhoom dolls:

$64.12* Barbie/Ken dolls
$67.70  Shipping 2 dolls

Those prices are for dolls mint in their original boxes going to the U.S.A. If you are buying multiple dolls AND if you have no interest in retaining the Mattel box, the RCS team will debox the dolls, which would lower the postage cost. If you want your Dhoom doll or dolls sent to another country, please e-mail them at . You will receive information for shipping to your country.

Payment is via online bank transfer or Paypal. (Note: Paypal charges are extra. Additional note: the base cost does not include customs fees and the exact figure which might vary depending on currency conversion for the day.*) 

Want additional information about RCS Toys? They have a Facebook page and a blog. Here is more contact information:

RCS Team

India's Oldest Toy Store
Connaught Place, New Delhi
+91-11-23412065, 23416276

These are in real life photos of the Dhoom Barbie. They are taken by Chicovintage, a PhillyCollector ally. Thanks again, Chicovintage, for sharing these lovely photos!

Boxed Dhoom Barbie photo by Chicovintage

Dhoom Barbie box back photo by Chicovintage

Torso of Dhoom Barbie photo by Chicovintage

Notice the articulated arms of Dhoom Barbie photo by Chicovintage

Recognize the face mold for Dhoom Barbie photo by Chicovintage

Torso detail of Dhoom Barbie photo by Chicovintage

Skirt detail of Dhoom Barbie photo by Chicovintage

Jointed knees on Dhoom Barbie photo by Chicovintage

Glitter sandals on Dhoom Barbie photo by Chicovintage