Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh, No - New Joes!

Yes, just when you think your shopping cart is full or layaway order is complete, here's some additional news: new G.I. Joes are OUT. Yes, the 12" kind. (I ignore the smaller ones. Too small.) Here is a photo of three playscale Joes:

The first from the left, I could ignore. He is a Heavy Gunner. Cute but nothing special going aside from him being a Joe. The big gun doesn't interest me. I have a shoebox full of Power Team and Joe guns. Yawn. Necessary, but not high on the fun factor for me. But the second Joe comes with an extra WOW factor. Behold a Police K-9 Unit - Joe and an incredibly realistic German Shepherd dog. Uh huh. A really cool dog, done better than any by Muh - oops, rude of me to comment on that. Let's just say that this dog looks like a dog and not a fantastical rendering of a drugged creature. Then there is the third from the left Joe. OOooooohhhhh. He is a First Responder Firefighter. He has a hatchet and a firefighter outfit. Imagine the drama possibilities of that. Joe and the hatchet rushing to break down a door to save someone.

Of the three Joes shown here, I put the Police K-9 Unit top on my want list. I mean, look at that dog. Here's a closer shot of the dog.

Need to pass this information on to another collector who likes dogs. (Actually, I am partial to cats, but realistic playscale cats are hard to find. Sigh. But having the dog, well, that would be fun, too.)

Ken Updates: New Fashions and Ice Skating

Whoa! Can those be Ken fashions I like? Let's look again. Darker colors, yes. Murky teal and brown top with teal-brown camouflage pants. A traditional pullover and slacks. Oh and what about that little "straw" hat with the sleeveless striped tank. (Aside: getting a little cool here in Philly for that kind of outfit ... in spite of this brief warm-up. But hey, he's Ken and dazzling wherever he stands.)

Speaking of "dazzling," have you seen smarmy Ken's return as an Ice Skater. This year though, he is in a gift set with Barbie. What more could he ask for for his 50th anniversary? Let's see ... a car, an apartment, furniture, etc. Maybe other guys would. But not Ken.