Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doll Theme: Ancient Egypt Part 1

Five dolls in my collection have Ancient Egypt as the theme:

1 Hasbro The Prince of Egypt: Prince Moses (1998)

2 Mattel Dolls of the World: Princess Collection, Princess of the Nile Barbie (2001)

3 Integrity Ancient Legends: The Quest for the Magical Amulet, Queen Adora (2004)

4 R&D Legends Collection: Queen of the Nile Susie (2005)

5 Integrity Fashion Royalty IFDC Convention Exclusive Back to Black Natalia (2008)

I will start with one of the two Integrity dolls with the Ancient Egyptian theme, Queen Adora from the Janay (Playline) series.

The backstory to this series is that Princess Janay and Prince Tariq search for Queen Adora's lost amulet. Further developments to that story starter could be completed by the child/owner of the doll(s). A Princess Janay doll and a Prince Tariq doll were also produced for this series. The prototypes for those dolls can be seen at this Master Collector link under the header "African Legends."

I bought the Queen Adora doll because she had short, tightly curled hair and an "Egyptian" style wig. How cute - a doll with a wig. And her short, cropped style is attractive on its own. Maybe I could use the wig for another doll. I recall seeing the Janay and the Tariq dolls, but the only one I wanted at that time was the Adora one. Adora also has a cardboard throne in her box that needs to be assembled. (I haven't deboxed her yet so there are no photos of the throne now.)

Other accessories with Queen Adora are a cardboard crown, cardboard ankh, gold "leather" sandals, a long sheer white gown, a white lacy stole with gold trim, a gold necklace and bracelets. Here are two photos of the Queen:

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Roville Update as of May 23, 2009

Just noticed a Roville update as of May 23, 2009, please see here.

We see photos of Siobhan Ronan as an equestrian and of Clu Jungian as a Roville psychiatrist.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Re-use Plastic Boxes for DAF Collector Organizing

As I was deboxing my dolls for Project Emigration aka Refining the Collection, I noticed that the clear plastic boxes used for My Scene and other Barbie dolls and the clear plastic tubes used for the pre-Hobbit bodied Fashion Fever dolls could be re-used to hold items. I like the tubes for holding heads and accessories - separate, of course - and the boxes for holding bodies.

Aside: why do I have head tubes and body boxes? Sigh. I don't always like the head-body union that manufacturers provide. So I find a more suitable body and set aside the original body. Oops, got an extra head there. Or I want the doll to have more pose-ability so I body-swap. A discard body there. Solution: head tubes and body boxes.

These plastic boxes and tubes allow me to see what I have better than if I put the parts in an everything drawer or box. Plus, I can tuck them aside so that they aren't in my way when I don't need them. I don't have to buy organizing stuff and waste doll/action figure/accessory funds. I re-use stuff that would otherwise fill landslides.

Here's a photograph showing my new organizing aids:

I'm a happier collector ... and I didn't have to buy a thing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Photo - Nadja, Lukas, Mai

I may retake this photo again ... but I like it for now so I'll leave it.

Nadja is balancing on a log while Lukas and Mai watch.

Maybe next time, I'll take them outside. Hmmm ....

Monday, May 25, 2009

FS: Barbies and Other Dolls/Action Figures

I've put some dolls and action figures up for sale. Postage NOT included unless stated. For more information, email me at d7cooper at Photos shown on this web page:


The emigration begins.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

International Black Doll Show 2009

I attended the International Black Doll Show today. The bulk of the show was "art dolls." Paper bags, ceramic, cloth, and various other materials formed these dolls. Interesting to see, but not much I would take hone. I missed my plastic and vinyl people. No Princess Zara line or Mixis or new ethnic playscale, plastic dolls or action figures.

I had visited this show before a few years ago so I was not surprised by the doll types. At that time, there were no playscale figures. Today, about four or five vendors had at least one Black Barbie or Black Barbie-clone doll. One vendor had a display of Black Barbie-clones dressed in formal gowns. (That vendor did not allow me to take a photograph.) Another vendor had a decent group of modern fashion dolls, including Black Barbies, Christies, Nikkis, and the larger scale 16" fashion dolls. The most impressive table though was by a visitor-exhibitor from Chicago who showed three dolls from the Byron Lars' Chapeaux Collection: Sugar, Coco, and Pepper.

Seeing the Byron Lars dolls in person, I could appreciate the details and the lovely hatbox cases. That gave me an idea: I could store some of my dolls in similar hatboxes or cardboard boxes sold in A.J. Wright, Ross, Conway, and other discount stores. On the other hand, I wouldn't want the Lars dolls since they struck me as show dolls and not play dolls.

Since none of the modern dolls shown were particularly thrilling ... a Ballet Black Barbie and Kelly set and a Cool Lookz Trendy, Bendy Christie, I didn't ask to photograph them. Here are two photos I took.

Overall, I enjoyed attending the International Black Doll Show. Seeing different doll types. Perhaps someday I'll rent a table at the Show and put up a modern doll and action figure display. Someday.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

International Black Doll Show Saturday, May 23

I almost missed this event. Thanks to the Happily Ever After Special Event page, I have time to consider.

The 2009 International Black Doll Show will be at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, 12th & Arch Streets in Philadelphia, PA on May 23 from 10am-5pm. General admission fee is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children under 12 and seniors.

Here's a PhillyFun blurb about the event. You can also contact Barbara Whiteman of The Philadelphia Doll Museum at (215) 787-0220 for additional information.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Angelic Dreamz Announces New Dynamite Girls

Late June or early July, Angelic Dreamz will have two new Dynamite Girls dolls - Feeling Fierce Jett and Canadian Exclusive Feeling Fierce Dani:

Dynamite Girls

I like this more realistic looking Jett with her silver "leather" jacket and over-sized sunglasses. Okay, I love the silver jacket. It's a short belted trench. The Dani doll reminds me of the Caucasian Valentine TJ doll. Dani wears a black moc-croc jacket, hot pink tiered tulip skirt, and black fishnet stockings. She leads her small black poodle on a gold chain leash. Sigh.

I haven't bought my earlier 2009 Integrity Wish List dolls and here they add more dolls. Love you too, Integrity.

Other sources for these dolls are Maddie's Dolls and My Favourite Doll.

America's Next Top Model Dolls Part 2

Points about the America's Next Top Model Dolls

* Bigger heads than most fashion dolls

* Pierced ear holes

* Two-toned ("highlighted") hair for blond and brunette dolls

* Tilting upper body like the Pivotal Barbies

* Arms froze-posed either to bent position or to hanging down straight

* Straight waist, narrower than Pivotal Barbies

* Exaggerated back curve

* Narrow hips, painted on white underpants

* Straight legs (no bend)

* Bigger feet like the Bigfeet Barbies only ANTM's feet are arched for heels

* Defined big toe (separate from other toes)

See these photos for visual comparison.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Want Clothes for Your 8" Mego Female Figures?

Grandma Walton is on a shelf at my eye level. She inspired this post.

For those seeking "everyday" fashions for your 8" Mego figures - the female ones - try the Only Hearts Club doll fashions. The shoes are too large for those Mego figures, but the pants "just" fit if you cuff them (i.e., roll up the extra pants length).

Happy re-dressing!

Found: Twist Tie Receiver

Some time ago, I had asked if anyone were interested in receiving the twist ties from doll and action figure packaging. Well, I am happy to report that after submitting a message on Yahoo Group, Phillyfreecycle, someone asked for them. Yay!

(Phillyfreecycle is a local Yahoo Group where members list items that they want to give away or to receive.)

So if any other collectors have hoards of twist ties that they cannot use, you might want to check if there is a similar online Group or website. Good luck!

Francie Clothes and Visitor

I mentioned Francie clothes the other day, but I only photographed the Barbie & Francie double doll case and some of my Mod dolls in the case. In the following photos, Twiggy and Meg (Bend leg Francie) spread some Francie outfits for a visitor who borrows one of the dresses, "Fresh as a Daisy."

Francie had bright, fun coats:

Clear Out! deserves a photo of its own

A few mod dresses:

Who is the guest visitor? Ibizia Susie!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

America's Next Top Model Dolls Part 1

I own three of the America's Next Top Model (ANTM) dolls produced by MGA Entertainment - Paisley, Sienna, and Sidney. The fourth doll shown on the box back, Tascha, does not seem to have been produced for the market. (If anyone should have this doll, please write to let me know.) I have some comments and photos of the boxed dolls.

1. While billed as "The Only Fashion Dolls from the Hit TV Show," these dolls do NOT resemble any of the ANTM contestants. "Based on the Hit TV Show" would have been more accurate advertising. Creating personalized dolls of the real contestants would be costly. Also, which models would they choose from the eight "cycles?"

2. Since these are model dolls, articulated dolls would have been appropriate. Then the dolls could have been posed. But articulated dolls have joints detracting from the smooth look.

3. More variation in the face molds would have been nice. Paisley and Sienna look the same except that they have different complexions.

4. The complexion variation is nice: Paisley is pale, Sidney is pinkish, and Sienna is suntanned.

5. The dresses, tops, and shorts are okay, but the shoes and the handbags are cuter. The shoes will look nice in a shop diorama. So far, I haven't found another doll foot that size and shape who can wear them yet.

Tomorrow, I'll post photos of the dolls without clothes so that they can be seen in comparison with other dolls.




Saturday, May 16, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic - Carrying Case and Francie Clothes

Never thought I would think this, but I miss the suitcase style carrying cases.

As I look at my newly deboxed dolls and action figures, I think how much easier handling them would be if I could tote related characters in a carrying case like the one I have one of my Francies and my one Casey in. Then I got to looking at those bright 1960-70's fashions and ta. Camera time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Better Integrity Janay Photos

I have added a few more photos to the Integrity Playline folder I have at Webshots. Please see at this link:

Integrity Playline folder


East Philly DAFs: Janay Clan - Introduction

Left to right: Pierre Janay and his siblings - Netta, Phaedra and Madea (twins), and Tariq

The Janays are a prominent East Philadelphian family. Pierre Janay, oldest of the Janays, recently returned from a covert military assignment. He has many daughters - you can't throw a stone in East Philly without hitting one of his offspring. Netta Janay has one daughter, Mikkay, and owns Netta's Den, a gentleman's club. Fay Janay owns and runs the local voodoo shop. Dea Janay, mother of toddler twins Rashid and Latifa, has recently returned to singing at Netta's Den. Tariq Janay is the favorite fashion photographer in the city.

Who's who in the doll and action figure world? All Janays and Tariq are Integrity Toys products; Pierre is by M&C Toys.

Pierre Janay is a M&C Power Team action figure

Annette "Netta" Janay is the first Club Icon Janay

Phaedra "Fay" Janay is the Tribal Treasures Janay

Medea "Dea" Janay is the Fashion Insider Award Nite Janay (Dealer version)

Tariq Janay is the Fashion Insider Award Nite Tariq

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hitchcock Birds Barbie on Sale at Walmart - Wyncote

For Hitchcock and Barbie fans who passed on buying "The Birds" Barbie showing a blonde Barbie in a celery green dress being attacked by three ravens, you can find her for sale at the Wyncote Walmart for $13.00.

Happy Collecting!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Barbie is on Facebook ... Wonders of Marketing

This year is her 50th birthday, and what does the ever marketable - oops - trendy Barbie do? She gets a Facebook page. She has 91,741 fans. More are probably being added as I type. Did I add myself to that number - yes. Aside from getting Barbie news, that's a whole new forum for blog promotion. Emm ... MY blog promotion.

(Oh my! Did some of that infamous self-promotion rub off after thirty odd years? Sigh. Why not?)

Go Barbie!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

It's late, but I wanted to leave this message to all the collectors who are mothers. Hope you had a lovely day with your flesh children and your plastic ones.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Collector Confession: Dolls Get Dirty in Boxes

Identifying the dolls on the Sterilite chest:

Mattel Kate Jackson, Ideal Suntan Tuesday Taylor, Mattel Steve Sunshine, Hasbro Young Moses, Mattel 101 Dalmatians Barbie (AA), Mattel Michael (formerly of the Young Sweethearts), Mattel Asha, Mattel Baggie Francie, Ideal Beauty Queen Tuesday Taylor, Ideal Little Sister Dodi, and Hae Chung

Some of the dolls in the above photo come from my childhood and teen years. They're a little dusty because I had them in a cardboard box. So dust can penetrate cardboard boxes. Sigh. Time to get a plastic basin, some dishwash detergent, and a big fluffy towel.

Yet another reason why I need to overhaul my collection. I can't take great care of my collection at its current size. Specially since there are new ones I want to bring in ....

Super Cool Doll House Blog for 1:6 Scale Dioramas

The Vinyl Lounge aka Pink Parlour member "Urrgghh but call me Jim" submitted this message about a wonderful blog called "Super Cool Doll House."

The author of the "Super Cool Doll House" blog photographs his detailed doll dioramas and tells what materials were used to create the furnishings and settings.

Happy viewing!

Action Figures/Dolls and Pets in Photos - Flickr

I've uploaded some photos of some action figures and dolls with their 1:6 pets in my Flickr photo album.

These photos were taken for The Vinyl Lounge's photo theme - "Dolls and Pets - Post pix of your dolls and their furred or feathered friends." You can view related photos here.

Confronting the First Shelf - Deboxing Shelf Unit A

Continuing the deboxing of Shelf Unit A ...

1. Decide whether to keep

2. Photograph dolls and figures

3. Set aside any dolls or figures to be sold or donated

4. Decide if any are to remain boxed

5. Open the boxes on the others

6. Breakdown empty boxes

7. Find storage homes for the deboxed figures

Roville Update - May 5, 2009

There is a new Roville photostory available. Read about Sebastienne Fey, a fashion magazine editor. View the incredible sets and always stylish fashions. Savor the ever fascinating stories.

Thanks, Robin!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Walmart Update: Mattel Star Trek Dolls

The Walmart outside the Franklin Mills Mall has

Mattel Star Trek Kirk, Spock, and Uhura Barbie for $43.98 each.

These dolls represent the actors in the upcoming Star Trek movie (prequel?) opening this Friday in Philadelphia. I'm not a Star Trek fan - so I'll pass on those dolls unless I see them on sale Ross-style. They are a step up from the first Mattel Barbie and Ken Star Trek duo produced in 1996, but nothing special. Again the company used existing face molds. Shrug. There are plenty of other dolls and action figures to buy.

Barbie Finds at Big Lots

Yesterday at the Big Lots outside Franklin Mills Mall, I saw two of the Barbie Disco dolls:

Happy Birthday, Gorgeous Barbie (Blonde)

Celebrate, Disco Doll! Barbie (Brown hair)

Each doll cost $12.99. A friend picked up the Celebrate, Disco Doll! (African American) for me for my birthday; she saw a few of them at the Norristown Big Lots. These dolls seem to have the Model Muse body - extra thin.

The Franklin Mills Mall also had two My Scene Masquerade Madness outfits, for $1.00 EACH. They were the last two out at the time, and I got them. Hudson's boxing outfit and Ellis' pirate outfit. The other two outfits, Sutton's vampire outfit and River's rock star outfit, might be available at another Big Lots.

Note: the Norristown Big Lots has a larger toy section than the Franklin Mills store.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Neil Van Helsing or Hugh Jackman by Jakks Pacific

Here are photos of the Van Helsing action figure by Jakks Pacific. Hugh Jackman played Van Helsing in the 2004 "Van Helsing" movie.

Actually, it isn't a bad likeness. Maybe it's just the hair that reminds me of Neil Diamond?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Collector Confession: My Scene of Body Snatching

I don't really collect Mattel My Scene fashion dolls.

I harvest their bodies for other fashion dolls. I actively body snatch.

My first body snatching exercise happened when I was about seven. I had a standard Barbie, but I lost her head. Don't recall how the head was lost. I also had a Maddie Mod doll. Maddie was the local crazy lady. She had what I even then considered an inferior body. Problem? Solution. I popped Maddie's head off her flimsy original body and onto the Barbie body. Maddie survived.

Zoom forward a few decades and behold the adult doll collecting Dana. This time though, the body snatching isn't for replacing missing heads. No. The body snatching happens to appease my aesthetic sense. The My Scene heads are annoyingly large; the Flavas' heads are too big for their bodies. What if I popped a Flavas head on a My Scene body? Ah, the peanut butter and chocolate collusion moment. Vision pleased by improved proportions. Ah, the world's a better, brighter place.

What's the next step in body snatching? Improving articulation - pose ability - in fashion dolls and action figures by snatching action figure bodies to house doll and/or action figure heads I prefer. Baby, look at them now. Really moving and grooving, third millennium style.

Mad Maddie is still around. She's lost her right foot, her right forefinger, and her left little finger. Wonder if it's time for her to snatch another body? Perhaps ... only this time, there are other heads before hers.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 12" Figure by ToyBiz

I saw the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" movie this morning. I loved it. Eye candy in the forms of Hugh Jackman (expected) and Daniel Henney (whoa, new cutie). Lots of action. Motorcycle chase. Buildings exploding. Choreographed fights. Bad guys mostly died except one needed for future stories. There was even a discernible plot. The other theater-goers were relatively quiet. My $8.50 was earned. I left happy and excited. I could almost see it again.

Seems that Toy Biz has or will have a 12" Wolverine action figure sculpted to look like Hugh Jackman. Now while that sounds promising, it isn't as great news as you would think. Here's a link to the figure available through

The head photographed looks like the actor; I am not sure about the body. It could have molded on clothes. Grrr ... boo, hiss. I looooaaattthhheeee molded on clothes. It's the doll collector in me, but I want my figures to be able to change clothes. I want them for civilian action. Sigh. Very impatient sigh. Well ... guess I'll wait and see if/when the 12" ToyBiz Wolverine figures reach Philly, if the face is attractive enough and if the head can be transferred to a Hot Toys body.

Then again, I'm not 100% sold on the ToyBiz head. ToyBiz did some 12" Lord of the Rings figures. I bought the Gandalf one - he was the best of the figures. Beady eyes on the lot of them. (Aside: no woman should ever be rendered in 12" doll form by ToyBiz. Their Arwen and Galadriel give Dusty a run for fugliest doll. Shudder. Blech!)

I have a 12" Van Helsing figure, but that figure doesn't get Hugh Jackman's eyes right. I think of him as my Neil "Song Sung Blue" Diamond Van Helsing.

Toys R Us has New Playmates Star Trek Figures

The Wyncote Toys R Us has the 12" Star Trek figures by Playmates. This line includes Kirk, Spock, Old Spock, and McCoy at $30. These figures seem to be modeled on the new Star Trek cast from the upcoming movie except for Old Spock who resembles Leonard Nimoy. If I found the McCoy for much less - say $10, I might get that one. The others don't interest me.

If Playmates should create a diorama for these 12" figures ... now that would be fun. Probably expensive, but still fun.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Smartees Review

I have deboxed the Smartees dolls. Here are some photos and comments.

Overall Reaction

Plus: I like this series. The career-focus makes these fashion dolls slightly different. Think, fashion dolls = glamour. Most Smartees dolls have straight hair, kept off the face. Their makeup is subtle. Glamourous, the Smartees are NOT. But there is something appealing about them although they are worlds apart from Integrity's Fashion Royalty dolls or R&D's Susie doll. The Smartees are clean pretty. Each doll has a storybook that includes a glossary of career jargon, a resume abstract, and school diplomas for the doll's profession.

Minus: cheap clothes, dolls cannot stand alone, inexpensive playline quality

Vinyl/Plastic Doll

* Same face/head mold used for all dolls

* Complexions range from very pale to light brown

* Face paint varies enough to distinguish one doll from another

* Articulated arms, click bend knees, twist waists

* Tiny feet - most shoes don't stay on the feet if the doll has on stockings


Amanda the Architect (red suit), Ashley the Attorney (red-black houndstooth) back row
Taylor the Teacher (pink sweater), Emily the Entrepreneur (navy suit), and Jessica the Journalist (taupe trenchcoat) are in this first photo.

Caitlin the Chef (white toque), Destiny the Doctor (mint scrubs) back row
Nicole the Nurse (pastel scrubs) and Vicky the Veterinarian (white lab coat) front row