Saturday, May 9, 2009

Collector Confession: Dolls Get Dirty in Boxes

Identifying the dolls on the Sterilite chest:

Mattel Kate Jackson, Ideal Suntan Tuesday Taylor, Mattel Steve Sunshine, Hasbro Young Moses, Mattel 101 Dalmatians Barbie (AA), Mattel Michael (formerly of the Young Sweethearts), Mattel Asha, Mattel Baggie Francie, Ideal Beauty Queen Tuesday Taylor, Ideal Little Sister Dodi, and Hae Chung

Some of the dolls in the above photo come from my childhood and teen years. They're a little dusty because I had them in a cardboard box. So dust can penetrate cardboard boxes. Sigh. Time to get a plastic basin, some dishwash detergent, and a big fluffy towel.

Yet another reason why I need to overhaul my collection. I can't take great care of my collection at its current size. Specially since there are new ones I want to bring in ....


Tim said...

I think it is good that you took your dolls out of the Sterlite container. I would have been concerned about the gases from the plastics of the doll and plastic bins interacting and causing long term if not permanent damage.
Have you decided on the alternative storage place for your figurines that have been kept in the Sterlite?
I am concerned about price of wooden or decorative boxes and I keep my own collection in a moving box for glassware since the dividers keep the doll standing upright. I think this is also keeping the hair from being mussed.
Please give me any good ideas about storage.

D7ana said...

Thanks for your comment, Tim.

I have some dolls in an IKEA Detolf glass cabinet. Others stand or sit loose on plastic garage shelving units. A few are on my computer desk. A few more are in traditional doll cases. Unfortuntely, there are a few in a plastic Sterlite chest that I need to relocate before it becomes too warm.

I like your idea about the cardboard moving boxes for keeping the dolls upright AND separate. (In warm weather, even cardboard boxes are NOT DAF friendly if the DAFs are tossed together.)

I'm going to extend the Storage Query into a post for deeper assessment.