Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Doll and Action Figure Sources

I thought when K B Toys, National Wholesale Liquidators, and Value City closed, that my access to local stores selling recent AND reduced-price items was done. I am happy to report that my sad assumptions were wrong. There remain places where I and other DAF collectors can find reduced-price DAFs for reasonable prices. Here are three altermatives to Walmart, Target, Kohl's:

Check individual stores - the 2520 West Moreland Road (Willow Grove) store has the best 1:6 scale selection of the stores I have visited so far; the 701 Market Street (Center City Philly), the 4640 Roosevelt Boulevard, and the 2426 S 23rd Street (South Philly) stores had few 1:6 offerings when I visited those stores. I have not yet checked the new Ross at 3001 W Cheltenham Avenue (Wyncote).

Recently, I bought a Cheetah Girl Dorinda for $4.99 at the Willow Grove Ross.

Check individual stores - the 34 S. 69th Street (Upper Darby) store has a dedicated toy section; the 2370 Oregon Avenue and 101 E. Olney Avenue stores may or may not have 1:6 scale DAFs.

A.J. Wright
Check individual stores - the 1000 Easton Road location (Wyncote) has a smaller 1:6 scale toy selection than the one at 700 E. Hunting Park Avenue.