Sunday, April 1, 2012

D7ana Stopped by Target - Oh No!

I went by another Target today. I know that sounds like the start of a really bad, terribly sad tale in which money was exchanged for a new doll or dolls. I am supposed to be selling. NOT b-u-y-i-n-g.

But ... I have not been able to resist popping into various Targets since they started that StarDoll sale. I tell myself, the cat needs treats. He has to have them, or he won't go to sleep at night. So I have to go to Targets. What kind of cat owner/servant would I be if my poor starving cat did not have his treats from Targets?

(Aside. Yes, he has me trained. Well, mostly. Sometimes I have to put my size 10s down and resist those big green eyes. Like when I need to eat. Sorry Louie. Oh, who am I fooling? What is all this blathering about the cat, but an evasion of the inevitable confession?)

Okay, me at Target. What did I see? StarDolls, yes! But what else did I see? Blythe's Littlest Pet Shop. Moxie Girls. Oh and the cat treats. But I doubt anyone else is interested in them. Except the cat. And he has no interest in reading about cat treats; he just wants them there when he's hungry.

Still blathering. Okay, I have photos. Such cuties there were there today at Target. I'll let you guess which if any of these dolls I bought today. They are Blythe's Littlest Pet Shop Autumn Glam

and the Horse Riding Club Moxie Girls

Remember, today is April 1st. Stop by tomorrow and I'll reveal all.