Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We Do Exist - Asian Playscale Men

I've always been grateful for the diversity among playscale action figures.

At first, I just wanted GUYS for my female dolls. (OMG that sounds awful ... the Kenization of action figures!) That's how I began looking down the green aisle or the action figure section of toy stores and online shops. I didn't like the early Kens and there was only Ken and Brad and then Ken and Curtis so I got G.I. Joes and other 12" male action figures. Then I noticed something: action figures represent Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern guys as well as White guys and Black guys.

I gathered twelve of my finest Asian male figures - two are missing from this photo because they are still boxed - M & C Hung and bbi Elite Forces Asian. Hung has been photographed; he's in my M & C folder on Webshots. I will upload the Elite Forces Asian guy's photo later this week. Please view both photos because all twelve are not visible in both photos.

Happy viewing!

Save Us From the Sterilite Drawer! Part Two

The Sterilite chest of drawers is doll-free.

The former inhabitants are presently held in an open cardboard box or clear plastic package top as shown in the photo below. They will be soaked and dried and inspected for repairs, etc. The Free Moving Ken and the Love doll required repairs some time ago. Ken fell apart - Free Moving Curtis came undone the same way - the "free moving" construction did not hold up. Love lost hair and one leg came off it's setting. Mary Quant Daisy has a partially melted butt. The others just seem to be dusty.

Where will the newly liberated crew go? After their clean-up, I would like to arrange them in my shelving units. I need to insert either a cardboard floor or a rug to a.) keep the dolls from slipping through the slits in the shelves and b.) to avoid bad plastic-plastic contact. I'll have to debox more dolls or move some boxed DAFs around, but having them out like that will satisfy both the storage/home need AND the diorama interest.

Wonder what setting they can fit into? Possibly a lobby or a park? Suggestions welcome ;-D