Friday, October 14, 2011

Update: Who Should Get the Sinatra Body ... and Why?

Now you knew that the new articulated Sinatra Barbie body would receive another head, right? Lifts hand up to stop the rush of oh, nos!, how could you do that? Yes, the face is pretty. However, from the LARGE assortment of pale and tanned faced blond Mackies with similar eye make up, I prefer the Festival of the World: Oktoberfest Barbie. I don't need so many similar faces. And no, Oktoberfest Barbie will NOT be receiving the Sinatra Barbie body at this time. OB prefers her rounded look, And I have other plans for that body.

... however, those plans aren't solid yet. Perhaps I can get some help from my fellow enthusiasts? There are three dolls that need articulated bodies who could match this doll body. They are Jo, Blossom, and Kisara. Here are the ladies themselves:

MiladyBlue reminds me that I have NOT introduced these ladies so that everyone can know who is who. From left to right, we have Jo in the pink pullover, grinning Blossom, and finally. School girl Kisara in her original schoolgirl uniform - black jacket, white blouse, tie, and black plaid skirt.

Jo (nickname for Josephine March) of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women is part of the When I Read, I Dream collection by Mattel. Other dolls in that series include Fern (E. B. White's Charlotte's Web), Anne of Green Gables (Lucy M. Montgomery), and Heidi (Johanna Spyri's Heidi). Jo is not shown on her original body; her head is on a Mystery Squad Kenzie body. The original When I Read dolls were on Stacie-sized bodies, about 8" tall.

Blossom by Tyco is from the 1980s television show, Blossom. Blossom is on her original body that makes her a little over 9". Other dolls in the Blossom group include her brother Joey and friend Six. Fellow doll enthusiast and blogger, Ms. Leo has several photos of Joey out of his box. I've heard about the existence of a fourth doll in this series, Vinnie, but I am waiting to see photos. (Color me curious ;-D)

Kisara is a Takara Jenny friend.

For this body replacement, I am sometimes partial to Kisara, sometimes partial to Jo. And Blossom clearly could use a larger body for her um larger head. Anyone want to submit a vote on which of these three heads you think should inherit the Sinatra Barbie body? I'm posting a poll to gather your responses.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!