Thursday, September 3, 2009

Takara Schoolgirls and MABA High School

Four Takara schoolgirls - Tamaki, Ferice, Mitsuki, and Kisara - huddle to discuss a difficult situation in a MABA High School classroom.

Tamaki (red hair, navy beret), Mitsuki (seated, black hair), and Kisara (brown hair pulled back with rubber band are from the 2003 Jenny Calendar Girl series while blonde Ferice is from the 1999 Angels Garden International School series.

I will write about the MABA High School in a separate post; I'll leave photos of the box front and back here for now.

Tamaki, Ferice, Mitsuki, and Kisara

Front of the MABA Barbie High School box

Back of the MABA Barbie High School box


Niel Camhalla said...

Do they using the same head mold as Licca (or Jenny)? I find it hard to distinguish one from the other.

D7ana said...

I, too, find it hard to distinguish the Jenny head molds. Fortunately for us, an online list of Jenny head molds exists.

Something that I find interesting is that head mold [6K-7] is used for Kisara, Lie, Shion, AND Licca's cousin Charles.

I need to correct a hair color; Mitsuki's hair is dark brown, not black as I first wrote.

Niel Camhalla said...

Last Saturday, I was able to browse a book on Jenny doll. From what I understood there are at least 3 molds--the Jenny17, Jenny18 (the book described how these are different from each other but I couldn't notice the difference in the photos) and the one with teeth. And there are 11 facial screenings at least. But I could have misunderstood the book. I have little time to read :)

The book I was referring to was by Rudi and David of R&D. I forgot the title. (I think its the World of Jenny) :)

D7ana said...

First, I apologize for that incorrect link for Jenny head molds; the correct one is here.

You have an excellent memory: the book by Rudi Teruel and David Wu of R&D Dolls is titled The World of Jenny. The authors do mention three Jenny head molds used from her debut in 1986 to the then present of 2001 (the book's publication date), but they also show photos of other Jenny head molds. Some Jenny head molds show her eyes closed, one eye winking, or teeth exposed. The first three face molds did not have any of those variants.

While there is a strong resemblance among the Jennys and her friends, I can distinguish the ones I have. They do not all share the same face mold. Jane and Lina, for example. Jane shows her teeth while Lina's head is wider.

In a future post, I will show the Jenny dolls I have. They are cuties.