Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Collector Seeking Red-Haired Curly Alysa in Denim Cap and Capris with Fuchsia Top

We - you, my wonderful readers, and I - have a request about any sale of the red-haired Integrity Alysa shown here. A fellow collector would like to buy that doll. Please send the information to

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Michael and Melinda from 1976 - NOT - Grin

Two bloggers-from-the-doll-zone recently posted about Mattel's Michael from The Young Sweethearts, produced in 1976. Thanks, Niel and Erynnis , I enjoyed reading your comments and information about these dolls. What I remember most about these dolls was the evil way I "got rid of" Melinda: I gave Melinda to my younger sister. My sisters were NOT doll-fond in any way. Also, there was a The Young Sweethearts' Wishing Well Park. Here that park became part of Fairmount Park.

I found an old journal - yes, I was scribbling even then. Not so much about dolls and action figures as complaints about younger siblings and neighborhood feuds. So I won't bore anyone with excerpts from that year's journals, LOL. The mentioned Michael and Melinda of The Young Sweethearts by Mattel, Tuesday Taylor and Eric [no last name, lol] by Ideal ... were two of the interesting series of that year. In this newsletter excerpt shown below, Doll Doings from Lifetime Career Schools publication (Vol. 17, No. 9. July, 1976. Page 2)*, here is some information about dolls for that year. [Please click for a larger photo.]

Oh, and here is a new Michael photo with his second girlfriend, Baggie Francie, who also appeared in this year. His first girlfriend was the lovely Suntan Tuesday Taylor. [I'll post about her in the future ;-D]

By the way, 1976 was the U.S. Bicentennial, our two hundredth birthday. The Young Sweethearts dolls were evocative of the time, but not connected to the Bicentennial in any way.

*Published with permission from “Playthings,” copyright 1976 by Geyer-McAllister Publications, Inc., New York

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Generous Smiles on Asian DAFs - A Niel-Inspired Post

Niel submitted a post about finding an Asian doll with "a generous smile". So naturally, I had to dig through my collection - wink, wink any excuse would do, lol - to see if I had any grinning or close-to-tooth-baring Asian dolls or action figures. I found a few and wanted to share them with Niel and my visitors.

Please see from left to right on the back row: Aja of the Holograms (Jem band member), Kmart's Just Girlz Jade Princess, Banee of the Starlight Girls (Jem fan), Dorinda - oops, what is SHE doing there!?

Ack! Dorinda is NOT Asian or Asian American.

Front row also from left to right: Jackie Chan, Claudia from the Babysitters' Club, Happy Family child, and Smartees' Amanda.

Just have to find out the wise guy or gal who inserted Dorinda ... But there we go. Broad Asian smiles.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prongs aka Harpoon Connectors on Mattel Fashion Dolls

Below is a photo illustrating what I meant by "a prong on top of a blob." Usually, Barbie's necks are topped by a small tapering knob. With the Flavas girls and some other fashion dolls, the neck ends and instead of just a knob, there is a blob of "flesh" on which a brown harpoon-looking device is fixed. So fitting a new head to the body is that much more trickier since the new head has to cover both the prong AND the flesh blob.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Liv Guy Jake Seen at Target (Bustleton Avenue, Philly) - Thanks, EA!

I wonder if I can use his body for some of my tanned Kens ... his neck looks thickish.

Update: Thanks to E.A. for the title correction. I had typed Mixis guy. Sheesh. Guess we all now know what I am looking forward to seeing, LOL.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Guess Who's in a Mermaid Suit? Hint: Think Green and Mixis

Answer: Emerald

Yes, YNU Group Incorporated has produced a limited edition of 1000 Emerald Mermaids for Atlantis Paradise Island, a resort in the Bahamas. This new Emerald doll wears a blue-green metallic bra and matching cloth mermaid tail. I do not see any other accessories for her. Mixis fans and doll series completists can decide if this Emerald belongs in their collection. Since I am trying to scale back my collection, I will pass on this doll. I look forward to the new characters though.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Francie Outfit Borrowed by Violet (Momoko) and Kana

Violet (formerly Sweet Poodle Momoko) and Kana graciously modelled an excellent condition Francie outfit, The Lace Pace, for me.

[Aside: Please note that while Francie outfits fit, there are significant body differences. Both Violet and Kana have slightly longer arms. The bust does not fall in the same spot for these dolls and in the Francie outfits. Still, the girls present a lovely picture in one of my favorite Francie outfits.]

Oh, and they want to let everyone know that I am selling most of my Francie outfits. The outfits shown in my Francie Fun Fashions Webshots folder are for sale. Best offer for the lot of outfits and accessories will be accepted.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Michael Jackson Next to Barbie Basics in Kmart

Okay, Playmates has a new Michael Jackson Thriller doll - well, he's in the doll section, but really, he's more of a figurine. Yes, figurine, NOT figure. Figures are poseable and kin to dolls. Figurines belong with sculpture. My reasoning is if the figure has clothes molded on AND the body is set in an odd pose, it's a figurine. Not a doll. Not even an action figure. But some people use "doll" for sculpted human figures of any sort. Sigh.

So I thought, what if other collectors read about a Playmates/International MJ doll and think, Barbie beau. Well, as you can see, he's 10" and NOT 12" so he's dwarfed by the taller Barbies. Not that Barbie and friends can't date shorter guys. Then he's in a dance pose that won't have much range in non-video stories. At least, if a guy with that leer and that stance - approached me, well, cowardly me, I would run. Maybe shriek. Help. Or position myself in a defense pose.

That isn't criticism of the figure which I confess, I didn't stare at long enough to form a collector's opinion. More about the placement of the item. (What's a figurine doing in the doll section?)

There will be additional Michael Jackson figurines though. The Billie Jean one has a more doll/action figure stance. So Michael sculpture fans can have another choice.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Denim Barbie Basics Seen in Philly ....

I love the new gray tops and the denim bottoms on the new Barbie Basics line. I like the dolls, too. Wish that they weren't all Model Muse styled, but I love the face and the hair variety. Looking forward to seeing more of the line. Below are the first dolls I've seen, found in a Target on Bustleton Avenue below Cottman Avenue.

I didn't get any of these because I am not sure that I want any of these three dolls. Might, but I am not sure now.

Happy New Year!

Hello everybody!

I'm glad to write here again. Grateful for your comments. Gleeful at the thought of new projects and new prospects ahead.

I'm still selling some dolls and action figures ... sadly not the ones that interest most people - ouch. Sorry? No, those are my precious ones, LOL.

Regarding future projects on my part:

* update this website

* reduce collection to a more manageable size

* get MORE dolls and action figures

* include my doll and action figure fiction

* and to be discussed

Thanks for visiting in 2010. Hope you and others join me in 2011.