Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Contest 2012 Re-visited: Vote for Your Three Favorite Photos


2012 was a rough year for me.

One of my biggest regrets was not presenting all of the entries for my Halloween Contest, "Come to My Window." All of the photos were winners in my opinion, but I'm asking you, my readers, to vote for your top three favorite photos so I can determine who wins Grand Prize, First Prize, Second Prize, or Third Prize.

You can vote from October 31, 2013 until November 8, 2013.

What are the prizes?

Grand Prize - I will tweet any 20 webpages - your blog or other website(s) AND your choice of TWO Halloween Kelly/Kelly Friends dolls

First Prize - I will tweet any 10 webpages - your blog or other website(s) AND your choice of any remaining Halloween Kelly/Kelly Friends dolls

Second Prize -  I will tweet any 8 webpages - your blog or other website(s) AND your choice of any remaining Halloween Kelly/Kelly Friends dolls

Third Prize  - I will tweet any 4 webpages - your blog or other website(s) AND your choice of any remaining Halloween Kelly/Kelly Friends dolls

Unofficial prize to Heather for her stunning exclusive graphic - tweets for any 20 of your webpages. Send me the list, Heather, and I'll start tweeting.

The entries are:


The Cat's View


Dracula and a Bride


Vampiress A-Gory


"I think I hear something."


The Visitor


BeWitch[ing] the Kiddies

Happy Halloween to Everyone Celebrating It.


Cat said...

I vote in the following order... :)

1. "I think I hear something."
2. The Visitor
3. Vampiress A-Gory

Carrickters said...

Do you want us to only vote for one entry or put them in order? It's very hard to choose because they are all so good but here are my three favourites:

1. The Cat's View
2. "I think I hear something."
3. Vampiress A-Gory

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks, Cat and Carrickters!

I was unable to tweak the Blogger Poll gadget to allow votes in order of preference so what I'm doing instead is allowing 3 votes by the photographer's name. You can submit your votes in the poll in the far right column of this blog.

So for Cat, your vote would be for
1. SuperCoolDollhouse
2. DollDelusionsbyNiel
3. TheMadeboxer

For Carrickters, your vote would be for
1. TheMadeboxer
2. SuperCoolDollhouse
3. (TheMadeboxer, but since she was also your first choice, you can choose another photographer or only place two votes)

Hope that clarifies things - if not, let me know. I'm looking to push this poll so that these photographers get the kudos they deserve ;-D

Super Cool Doll House said...

oh! heeeey! I remember this... would it be bad form to vote for only one lol?

D7ana said...

Yeah bayyyy-beee. Go for it Super Cool Doll House! And thanks!

Ms. Leo said...

My vote is for
The Visitor!
Then- The Cats View
Lastly- I Think I Hear Something

I miss Niel's blog! I hope he is watching!

lindaivette montes de oca said...

Hola, voto por la primera, segunda y cuarta.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

I just voted for 1. I liked "I Think I Hear Something".

Muff said...

I voted for three in the poll!

"I think I hear something" is my favorite photo. Very sinister and so much drama in a still image.

Talolili said...

These are my top three!
1.Dracula And Bride
2.The Visitor
3.Bewitch[ing] The Kiddies

They are so well done, it's hard to choose!

D7ana said...

Thanks, everyone for voting and for using the poll gadget! Exciting to see the votes grow.

@Ms. Leo - yay, glad you voted. Yes, I miss Niel's blog, too. I hope he is reading. He had such a rich variety of topics, projects, culture, etc. Hey, Niel, we miss you.

@lindaivette montes de oca - Yay, mi español está mejorando. Entendí todo, excepto el cuarto. Gracias por votar, Lindaivette!

@Roxanne - ah, yes, the Super Cool entry by Super Cool Dollhouse. That's a gorgeous Adele, I think. Spectacular gown she's wearing, love the candle holder, and the steps and window.

@Muff - brrr ... yes, shades of Vincent Price masquerade dramas (only better acted, wink wink)

@Talolili - oh, yes, they are all well done: I regretted not presenting them and getting votes for them last year. Fortunately, I MADE time to present them this year.

Oh fudge, I need to show the photos of the dolls to be given away.

silkstone1 said...

1. the mad deboxer
2 I think I hear something
3. Vampiress A-Gory

Vanessa said...

Wow, those are all really good. Here are my three faves.
1. Vampiress A-Gory
2. I think I Hear Something
3. A Cat's View.

D7ana said...

Hi Silkstone1 and Vanessa! Glad to have your votes.

Just checking, but has everyone ticked your votes in the Poll gadget in the upper right corner? The tally seems to not match the votes ...

Vanessa said...

Oops! Didn't see that poll ticker. I'll go fix it.

Talolili said...

I didn't see it either!

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks, Vanessa and Talolili!

Numbers looking good now ;-)

Christine La Bella said...

Ok I hope I got this right,
1.)Dracula And Bride
2.)"I think I hear something."
3.)The Visitor


Male Doll World said...

1. Super Cool Dollhouse
2. Vampiress a gory
3. The Mad deboxer

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks, Christine and Male Doll World. Hope you ticked your choices in the Poll gadget labeled "Your Top 3 Halloween Photographers" in the top of the right column. The vote count seems off ....

Heather said...

Oh my... I'm supposed to be able to narrow this down?!

Hmm... ok:

1. "I think I hear something." (I love the lighting... it's an excellent job really setting a Halloween atmosphere!)

2. Vampiress A-Gory (I just chuckle every time I see it... which might make me wrong in the head)

3. The Visitor (there's something really sinister about this one)

And thank you!
The websites I'd want tweeted are:

... I might have a blog problem...

D7ana said...

Hi and thanks, Heather, for creating the logo that set the Halloween contest AND for your votes. Did you vote for

1. Super Cool Dollhouse
2. The Madeboxer
3. DollDelusionsbyNiel

in the Poll gadget in the upper right corner? As new posts come on, the Poll gadget gets further away from the Contest post ... sigh.

Okay, I'll tweet each of your four blogs 5 times for a total of 20 tweets. Hope they send more visitors your way.

P.S. There was a comment some time ago by littlebearries, but I didn't know that was you - ack! - now I know I can let it through.

Which blog has a problem - or do you mean that having 4 is a problem ;-) I think it's cool if you can handle them all - go, Heather!

D7ana said...

Hi Heather! I've scheduled 5 tweets for these 2 blogs:

I will be getting tweets out tomorrow for the other two blogs.

Please check under so that you and/or your friends can retweet those tweets ;-)