Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Ethnic Playscale Doll Series: Prettie Girls by Stacey McBride-Irby

Thought your wallet and your credit cards were safe?


Black Doll Enthusiast recently interviewed Stacey McBride-Irby about Ms. McBride-Irby's upcoming, new doll series, the Prettie Girls playscale fashion dolls. There will be five ethnic dolls in this series: Sophia, Lena, Kimani, Valencia, and Dahlia. There are sketches of the dolls at their new website, but nothing is like seeing the actual dolls in the vinyl. Sigh. And they are to be articulated, too. With lots of new fashions and oh, accessories. Dreamily gazing off.

Vanessa also submitted a post on this new doll series. In the spirit of sharing such good news, this is my contribution to the new fashion doll series. I wish Ms. McBride-Irby the best of luck with this new venture.

New Swappin' Heads for Artsy! Seen at Target

So I suppose that there will be different heads for the Artsy Fashionistas doll to swap with. Pretty much the same face though.

Well, that's something I suppose.

At Last ... Barbie Basic AA Male (Steven?)

He's finally here in EastPhilly: the Black Barbie Basics male - possibly the new face of Steven? I haven't deboxed him yet, but I saw him in Target and before I knew it, he leapt into my shopping cart. (Cheeky fellow? Yes, indeed. I had NOOO intention of buying him at this time.) Moreover, he mesmerized me long enough to have me pass my credit information to the salesclerk. Then I bagged him (him being the Barbie Basics doll - of course!) and took the same him home. What a male doll!

Well, as long as he is here, he can help me gather the Kens and the Mattel Brothers of Ken together. He needs to do something to make up for his early entrance here ... something other than a "Wow, is he amazingly manscaped!"

By the way, does anyone know if this gentleman is "Black Ken" or the new "Steven?"