Monday, June 2, 2014

A Bike Post Inspired by Vanessa or Posing Requires Patience

Okay, these are NOT my best photos. I almost left them buried, but I had such fun reading Vanessa's bike post, I caved. Here is the backstory: I took 3 figures and 2 bikes out - just in case I had the chance to photograph them outside. I live in a big city. I was going to Center City for a meeting. And I seriously thought I might have 10-15 minutes uninterrupted and unseen when I could take photos of a doll and 2 action figures riding a bike. Ha! You can throw that out again - ha!

No chance in Center City. Too many people out and about. Sigh. Might as well go home. Took the train for consolation. Got off the train and inspiration hit. Maybe I could do my photo shoot here? The outdoor light was bright and clear. It wasn't too hot. There is a grassy area that would make a great scene. I could set the bikes up as if they were going through the Park. If I slowed down and let the other passengers move off to go about their business, I would have the scenic station to myself. Again, ha!

I was the last off the train. Walked slowly towards the exit, then paused to open my bag. The passengers seemed to have dispersed. Whew. Now is my chance. I whipped out R&D Susie and one of the M&C Toys Power Team guys and the Mattel My Scene Jammin in Jamaica bicycle for two. I tried to set them on the bicycle. Okay, I needed them to squat a little and hold onto the bicycle handles. They wanted to do anything but that. Their feet did not fit into the foot holders. Okay, granted, his feet were too big to fit in them. Her feet were the right size though. Feet in? Now to pose the rest of her just so. Almost there - she is half on the bike. He seems to be straddling his seat. I prop him onto the bike seat. He falls off his perch. I go to pick him up, she falls down. I take a deep breath and try not to growl. Leave those two sprawled atop the bicycle.

Mai. She's a little poser, Mai is. Real trooper. Oh boy did I forget how contrary she can be to pose? Her feet will turn backwards after you think you have her set right. Very loose jointing she has. Sigh. So when I finally set her feet going in the right direction, I did not notice that her hands had turned to an impossible angle. Until after I took the photograph. Sigh. This is NOT a scene from a zombie film. Come on, work with me, Mai. Squat a little to fit the single bicycle. You posed for me before - you and NuFace Lukas - ah, but Lukas is not here. Mai has ornery all over her face.

Then I had the sensation that someone was watching me. Or maybe I saw a movement on the periphery. I looked up. An unknown man was looking at me. I was less alarmed that an unknown man was looking at me than I was pissed that some nosey parker was spying on my directing. And my directing was not going well. My actors and props refused to cooperate. I was getting tired and antsy. God forbid my family or a near neighbor walk by. I would NEVER hear the end of it. "You embarrassed us."  "Why do you do these things?" Groan. Could I not have just a few minutes on a clear, sunny day?

Nope. I could not. I glared at the nosey parker and moved my wayward figures to a different spot. Took a few quick photos. Because I was going to have something to show for my efforts. Only I knew I had better end my photo session before nosey parker brought in reinforcements. "See - that's the woman torturing dolls. Lock her up." Sigh.

Here are three photos from that session.

R&D Susie, M&C Power Team guy, Aoshima/Skynet Girls Mission Mai
A Cycling Nightmare

R&D Susie, M&C Power Team guy, Mattel My Scene bicycle for two
Susie: I'm not built for this. Terry: Just chill, babe. See? No hands.

Aoshima/Skynet Girls Mission Mai figure, Mattel bicycle
Mai: She should have brought Lukas. I don't like this outfit. Who's ornery?