Friday, November 13, 2009

New: Mattel Kiddies Webshots Folder and Kelly Link

Kellys are the doll equivalents of M&M candies. Neat, sweet, bursts of bright color. Tiny starfish hands, big eyes smiling at/with you. Just too adorable, you coo. Well, I coo anyway ;- D. You think, oh just one or two, but end up with piles of them LOL. Well, maybe not piles, but bigger collections of them than I ever intended.

I have added some Kelly and friends photos to my Webshots photo album ....

Kelly photos

Also, here is a Kelly Checklist suggested by Therese of Dolls of Color.

One suggestion though: do NOT eat your Kellys. The plastic and vinyl are probably toxic to humans. And how can you enjoy the sight of them if they're dinner?