Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Janus Post: Recent Past and Near Future Doings

January 31, 2017 - already? I'm still recovering from 2016. Ha!

Let's start with a health update. Good news: my lungs are clear (no cancer there). The two lesions on my liver have shrunk to 4mm each. I am to have another CT scan in March to see if I will need additional chemotherapy or if I can - oh please - get scheduled to have my colon returned.

State of my doll collection: some dolls and action figures are still in storage. I've created an Excel spreadsheet to track those I have and those I need to recover. So glad to reconnect with my play scale and other plastic people.

Collecting 2016 and beyond. Yes, I bought some doll in 2016. You bet I got some of those new Fashionistas, but I also got two of The Wanted guys and a few others. I'll share a post about them in February. Any guesses as to which Fashionista body shape I like best? Anyone want to share which if any of the Fashionista shapes you like? Any with favorites? Any want to share their favorite body type(s) in order of preference?

Camera status. Still need to get a new digital camera. I have received helpful suggestions on specific brands and models from doll buddies Debbie B. Garrett and Ms. Harley D. I MUST get a new camera. Must.

Online doll communities. I'm commenting and viewing posts and photos. Thanks to everyone who visited this blog during my absence and who return.