Monday, April 27, 2009

Photographing the Deboxing Project

I'm thinking that I might take photos of the filled shelves as I "break down" the DAFs and other items. Might create a WebShots folder for that purpose. "Before" and "after" photos.

Considering that ....

Home Problem - Where to Hold Deboxed DAFs?

Okay, I've launched the Great Deboxing Project or the DAF Streamlining Project. I will open up the dolls and action figures I want to keep; sell or donate the others. I'm setting aside the plastic components from the paper/cardboard parts of the packaging. (Figure I'll check with a recycling group - should have started there with my offer - to responsibly process unwanted material.) But here's a snag: where to place the newly deboxed dolls and action figures? Where will their homes be?

The boxes protected the figures. At least from dust. How to protect them now?

I've got one IKEA Detolf glass cabinet. Can't afford more of those at this time. Plus the one I put together was tiresome to put together. So the second one I had, I kept in its box only to have it broken by the next to the last movers. (Those charmers hid the broken Detolf cabinet box behind several other cardboard boxes so it was a while before I found out the damage they had done. Grrr.) What else?

Three plastic shelving units - the kind some people use in garages - and one Sterilite four-drawer plastic chest. Some of the doll boxes (Fashion Royalty, Susie, Mixis) can be used to store those dolls on the plastic shelves. A few Mattel boxes can also be retained for that purpose.

I have several plastic bins, too. Problem there is that I can't seal the dolls or action figures in because the plastics might mess up. The different chemicals might cause melting or mold or something BAD in my figures. Can't have that happening. So I am thinking, thinking, thinking about the "home" problem.

Any suggestions or advice welcome. As/when I come across solutions, I'll post them here.