Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chic Boutique Dolls, Ubiquitous BUT Mysterious

I cannot find much information about Chic Boutique, a doll manufacturer with several inexpensive doll series sold in Toys R Us, Kmart, possibly Walmart, and probably not at Target. These are NOT expensive dolls and they have limited articulation. (Think straight legged and straight armed vintage Barbie and friends. Yes, that's the picture.) However, mystery aside, here are a few photos of these dolls.

Kmart in Gallery at Market East

I also visited the Kmart in the Gallery at Market East yesterday.

Pleasant surprise: they had LOTS of the new stuff out. The MGA Entertainment BFC Ink dolls and the Moxie dolls, Jakks Pacific's Hannah Montana dolls, and several of the new Barbie line. Here are photos of some of the Barbie line available.