Thursday, July 5, 2012

Moving Your Doll Collection, Part 1

Anyone about to move a doll collection? I mean a move within a city - lucky for my budget and sanity, not as distant a move as CorsetKitten's. I will still be in Philly; just at a new place. Last time I moved, all of my doll stuff was received. Think I was lucky? Well, an IKEA Detolf shelf unit, still in its original box, was crushed. I did not find this out until after the cunning movers left. (Oh, but I do remember their company name. I will NEVER use them again.) So I checked online to see what suggestions are available. Here are the links I found on moving a doll collection:

About's CollectDolls tips

Laura Du Toit's tips

Helen B. Wharton's tips

Denise Van Patten's site has the most comprehensive information. The others have tips as well. But I thought: what about my specific situation? I am moving hundreds of playscale dolls and action figures, boxes of clothes, and boxes of furniture, playsets, and books. In the humid summer time ... what steps do I need to take for the best outcome? Best outcome being me and all my stuff arriving at the same place and each item whole as can be. (Unlike that Detolf shelf unit ... grrr ....)

So here are some notes and ideas that I am considering.

Part 1: Assessment
What am I keeping? What can I sell, donate, or trade before? What types of things am I packing? NRFB, reboxed, loose dolls, action figures, and accessories - some breakable, others more forgiving. What is the best way to pull these items together so that I can a.) check that I have everything I took with me and b.) so that I can quickly set things up in my new home?

Part 2: Scheduling and Packing
Break down packaging by need: what should and could be packed up first? Books and magazines? Similar paperwork - brochures, booklets, newsletters, etc? Boxed dolls and action figures? Reboxed DAFs? Can loose DAFs "ride" with boxed ones? Label as I go along. Note who is with whom. Create a master list noting which DAFs are in which boxes.

Part 3: Move Day
Review boxes going out. Check that I account for what goes when and that I *know* where a given box is at any time.

Part 4: Checking All's There
Review boxes at new place. All accounted for? Separate by item type - dolls, action figures, furniture, vehicles, etc.

I will write about specific actions as I do them. And I'll share packing tricks and photos as I go along. If anyone has any tips to pass on, please share.