Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Dolls Shown at Target: I Can Be a Ballroom Dancer and 2011 Swimsuit Doll

I saw these two dolls at Target: one of the new 2011 Swimsuit dolls and I Can Be a Ballroom Dancer Barbie.

Catty-critical collector comments:

The swimsuit doll does NOT need those bangs. Her forehead isn't high enough - as a bang-wearing individual, I know about that. Also, is she on a Hobbit body? Oh, no! Not them again.

Could we at least have variety regarding the Barbie hair color for these I Can Be dolls? On the plus side though, I see that Target is stocking some Black I Can Be dolls. So there will be a little bit of variety. Note: I am being good and not whining about the ever-presence of the Adria-Desiree head mold. (Picky me is getting tired of this new face already, Sigh.)

My Turn: Flavas Awards Liam Showing Off

Regular readers may recall a post about Choice Awards Tre. Well, since that post, Choice Awards Liam has been sulking. No, he doesn't particularly want to show his wig and his wig case. (He's a little embarrassed by the wig accessories.) He feels that he should also have been featured, so I took a few photographs of him. Liam is sure you will enjoy them ;-D

Liam wearing the alternate outfit.

Off with his shirt ... uh oh. What is he up to?

Notice his fine white socks and below the knee length pants. (Neither of us know what to call this style. Knickers?)

I should have known that naughty boy was up to something.