Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ken's New Fashionista Closet Pieces

Seen at Walmart today:

Casual closet includes: charcoal and light gray hoodie, mesh turquoise blue basketball tank and shorts, gray pants to match hoodie. turquoise sneakers, white sneakers with chartreuse trim.

Formal closet includes: dark blue pinstripe suit with PINK topstitching, blue floral short sleeved shirt with pink satiny ribbon tie, red plastic roses, dark lace-up shoes, gray vest, and small dark blue plastic box (gift for Barbie?).

The photo below shows the back of both packages and how three complete outfits emerge from these two packages.

Thoughts/reactions: The casual closet looks okay. I cannot say that I am eager for my Kens to have a basketball outfit, but this one is okay. I like the vest in the formal closet and the idea of the suit and the floral shirt. The David Tennant Doctor Who wore a suit similar to this one. But this suit fabric looks cheesy while the shirt looks like the minimum of fabric possible was used. The sleeves almost looked clipped. (Siren shrieks "cheat" or "cheap" ... your guess which.) There are no cool accessories or complex pieces here to enhance the clothes.

If I hated to sew menswear, I would snatch these sets up as being half-decent Kenwear. Since I used to sew for my dolls many years ago, I am thinking I might skip on these closets and set aside time to create my own Kenwear. Yes, the looks would likely be dated - lol- but they would fit better in my sense of what my Kens and male figures should wear. Because the Kens in my world live under my fashion preferences. And this D is stronger than any B - wink.