Monday, February 28, 2011

New Doll Photos Up! Doll Attic - Thanks Sandi Holder!

Here's the link - go see more of the 2011 Barbies that will be out.

Doris Day and/or Rock Hudson fans will be delighted. (I'm not a fan of either, but that Rock looks gorgeous!)


Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Family in PlayScale, Part 1

No, D7ana has NOT lost sanity completely.

These dolls and action figures are NOT actual family members. Whew. But something about them reminds me of family members and that makes them special. The intended "race" or "ethnicity" of the doll or action figure does not matter; if the DAF resembles someone I know, whoops, there goes the race and original background.

I have more DAFs that resemble my family members so expect a second post on this theme.

Do any of you have dolls or action figures that resemble your family members?

Left to right: Aunt R (100 Dalmatians Barbie), Uncle T (Sideshow Odd Job), Cousin R (Tangerine Twist Barbie), Nephew Q (Zeke), Sister A (Creata Flower Princess Leanna AA), Uncle R (Power Team), and Uncle F (Power Team).

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Themes for March

I've decided to list themes for the following month in advance. Here are the themes for March?

Women's History Month

Ken's Birthday! 50th Anniversary!

St. Patrick's Day

Kelly and Kelleys – group photo of dolls by that name


That's for now anyway. Might add more.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

President’s Day - A Day Early

No, A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls and Action Figures has NOT gone political. My DiD Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is the only American president action figure that I have, so he stands before us in that role. If anyone would like to share links to photos of any American president, please do so. I'll submit a follow-up post.

I do have a question though. What’s the next word you “hear,” if you have lived in/visited the United States of American?


At least, that is what I “hear” and think should follow. Is it just me or does that seem a little weird? Here is interesting information of this federal holiday.

No offense intended to any American presidents; this post is just budding musing about the commercialization of holidays, secular or religious.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two Just Girlz Just for the Fun of It

Two fashion dolls from the Just Girlz line by Sears Holding Corporation. There were other dolls available, but these were the two I chose. See a resemblance to any Integrity Divas?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dancing Liv Dolls - Toy Fair 2011

Here's an ASMzine photo of the new Dancing Liv Dolls for 2011.

Ah Spinmaster! What a wonderful way to go!

Mattel/Disney Pirates of the Caribbean?!

Thanks to Niel's post about the new articulated Barbie Basics, I checked out the ASMzine website for information on the 2011 Barbies. Guess what's coming next? Pirates of the Caribbean as you have NEVER seen them before. Disney Dolls as NEVER seen before. Check this photograph and others for incredible face sculpts of a playscale Johnny Depp that will open your eyes. WIDE.

Happy Valentine's Day!

T.J. and her male friends say, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interview with Debbie Garrett of Black Doll Collecting, etc.

Okay, we are at the middle of Black History Month so I have a pleasant surprise. Debbie Garrett, the author of several doll articles and books, the blogger of Black Doll Collecting, and the moderator of the WeLoveBlackDolls Yahoo Group, has allowed this e-mail interview about her perspective on Black playscale dolls and action figures (abbreviated in this article as "DAFs.")

PhillyCollector (PC): When did you first notice Black playscale dolls and action figures?

Debbie Garrett (DBG):
I first noticed Black playscale DAFs through Barbie and other fashion dolls purchased for my daughter and GI Joes and other action figures purchased for my son during the late 1970s through the 1980s. After I began collecting in 1991, it took approximately four or five years for me to form an interest in adding playscale-size dolls to my collection. The first additions were mostly vintage friends of Barbie and other vintage and modern playscale dolls manufactured by Hasbro, Ideal, Kenner, Marx, Mego, Olmec, Shillman, Shindana, and others from the 1960s and 1970s.

PC: How did you feel about them then?

I was as excited about finding a vintage playscale doll in the 1990s as I am today. My mission had been to add all non-Barbie, Black playscale dolls from prior years to my collection.

PC: How did they compare to other dolls you had/have?

Playscale dolls initially only served one purpose for me: to model fashions and represent fashion trends. I enjoy redressing most of my dolls, when time permits, but playscale dolls are my least favorite to redress. This is mainly because of their size and the size of their clothing. It's much easier to redress an 18-inch doll than a playscale.

PC: Oh, I "understand" the difficulty of dressing small scale figures. Do you otherwise distinguish between antique dolls, artist dolls, and playscale dolls? (Note: some antique doll collectors dismiss Barbie type and scale.)

Absolutely I do! During the "formative" years of doll collecting, I preferred artist dolls, most of which were life-size babies. I have also maintained a constant interest in all dolls made during my childhood era (1950s-1960s) most of which are non-playscale. Within the past three years, networking with other playscale collectors, like you, led to my incorporating more modern playscale males and additional females into my collection.

PC: If you do not mind sharing the count, how many DAFs do you have?

I actually have no idea how many dolls of any one genre I own. What I can say is that collectively they are too numerous to count.

PC: Or what proportion of DAFs do you have compared with your other scale, other medium dolls? Half, quarter of your collection etc.

My playscale dolls might comprise ... one-sixth of my collection.

PC: Which DAFs are your least favorites and why?

In the past, Barbie (not friends of, but Barbie herself) was my least favorite. As an adult collector, I rebelled against her. White Barbie had been one of my main doll companions as a child, chosen for me by my fashion-conscious mother. I do not recall ever asking for a Barbie as a child. I was more interested in Skipper. Not the fashionista my mother still is, as an adult collector, until recently, I no longer desired or needed Barbie's companionship.

As a result of recent problems with Triad DAFs due to faulty joints, theirs are my least favorite.

The second wave of Barbie Fashionistas "posed" a problem for me due to Artsy’s weak joints and inability to hold a pose unless seated or on a doll stand.

PC: Could/would you list your top 10 DAFs?

1. So In Style dolls offer a male and females representing the various shades of the African American color spectrum with variations in hair texture. Each female has her own set of academic interests and hobbies. If the line continues beyond 2012, post Stacey McBride Irby’s designs, I would like to see more articulation added.

2. The Byron Lars Collection ranks high because these dolls do not fit into anyone else's mold. They are not just another fashion doll. A collector rarely knows what to expect from Mr. Lars, except that the dolls will be different with a style of their own.

3. Mixis offers a variety of playscale dolls for everyone. The dolls are well proportioned, can stand without the assistance of a doll stand, have well-made clothing, and each one has her own personality/story.

4. Integrity's Dynamite Girls have nice facial sculpts, articulation, and well-made, trendy fashions.

5. Integrity's Adele (even though I do not own one… yet) is fierce!

6. The vintage Black Barbie family is among my top 10 choices and I was quite pleased that Mattel finally offered a dark skinned doll that uses the #1 Barbie mold. My childhood doll world would have been complete had I owned Black Francie, vintage Christie, Brad, Curtis and Cara.

7. Hot Toys has mastered the ability to capture the likeness of many Black/African American celebrities and their figures are of high quality.

8. World Peacekeepers are inexpensive action figures, yet very well made.

9. Mattel offers a variety of head sculpts, themes, and price variations in playscale. They too are able to flawlessly capture the likeness of celebrities (Brandy, MC Hammer, Halle Berry, Kimora Lee Simmons, etc.).

10. Any Black DAF with articulation, realistic features, well-made construct and clothing usually appeals to me. Mattel’s discontinued Flavas is an example of DAFs that possess these qualities. Appeal plus price ultimately determine whether a DAF will be added to my collection.

PC: What trends excite you about Black dolls in this scale?

I am usually excited by out of the box, unusual dolls that stray from normal trends. I am enthused by variations in complexions, hair color and texture; ethnically correct facial sculpts, pose-ability, use of hip-hop fashion brands, and three P’s: positivity, personality, and purpose. They need to do more than just stand still and look good.

PC: Is there anything else you would like to state or to comment about Black DAFs?

I would like to see more African American artists enter the DAF design arena and an increase in Black dolls in this scale in general.

PC: Thanks again, Debbie, for your time. For additional questions for Debbie Behan Garrett, please contact her at .

Debbie Behan Garrett is a Black-doll enthusiast, doll historian, and the author of The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls; Black Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrating, Collecting, and Experiencing the Passion; and The Doll Blogs: When Dolls Speak, I Listen (the latter two titles available now as Google e-books!)

All text in this article belongs to Debbie Behan Garrett and Dana E. Cooper.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New - to Me - Playscale Scene Website: The House at One Sixth

Ever want to create a library for your playscale dolls and action figures? Today, I found a new one-sixth scale diorama website with that scene among several others. It's called The House at One Sixth.

The website author has links to  Van's Doll Treasures and Erica's playscale items. Yay, ladies! Go, go, go with your great talents! Now the website author just has to add SmidgeGirl's site to their links. For completeness ;-D


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thanks ... Top 100 Dolls Site Rank of 8! Thanks, Readers and Clickers!

Did my eyes widen when I saw this site?!

My blog, there in color and black and white ... eek! Jumping up and down. In my mind, of course.

I have saved the print screen as a PDF.

Thanks for all who have presented me with this award. (Bows.)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Which Black Fashion Dolls and/or Action Figures are Your Favorites This Year?

Here is a photo of my ten favorite Black dolls and action figures as of today. Tomorrow, I might choose an entirely different set. Maybe. Maybe not. At first, this list was to have ten dolls AND ten action figures, but I pushed myself further. Come on. Try for ten including BOTH. And so we have these choices ...

from left to right:

Vanessa from the Get Set Dolls
One of my first "real Black" doll faces. Love her masses of curly black-brown hair. Doctor V.

Martha Jones from Doctor Who (Character Options)
Another "girlfriend." She left Britain (Wales?) and aliens to stay in East Philly. Yay, Martha! And you don't have to chase after that aloof but goofy-adorable Doctor. Unrequited love seems like a dreadful disease.

(behind Martha; with braids) Tyr from Andromeda (Bbi)
Cutie. Love the dreads on him - Black Samson, hey? Soulful eyes, too. Needs his poor leg fixed, too.

(seated) Wiz from X-Boy (Dragon)
Another cutie. Sigh. He actually sat still long enough for someone to put all those knots in his hair.

(kneeling) T.J. from Dynamite Girls (Integrity Toys)
What can I say? She has more attitude than the others. The Eternal Pout. And don't touch her ponytail!

(seated) Tee Hee from James Bond’s Live and Let Die (Sideshow Toys)
You have to love a guy brave enough to try and pull T.J.'s ponytail. Sigh. I love his amiable but slightly deranged look.

Power Team figure (M&C Toys)
He reminds me of an uncle - one of my uncles. This 1:6 scale guy is cooler though, lol.

(seated) Ryan Whittaker from Final Fantasy (ToyFare Exclusive)
Sigh. Sooo cute. Still need to fix his poor leg.

Go for Red Barbie (Mattel)
What a woman. Check her poise and her pose. She rules this world, no doubt about that.

Uh oh … there are nine figures there. I missed one. Actually, I could NOT decide on the tenth doll or action figure. Should I choose one of my two hunky Hot Toys guys? Another Power Team guy? My Slumber Party Skipper? Opal or Emerald? Valerie of the Pussycats. Decisions, decisions ...

What about YOU? What Black dolls and/or action figures do you favor? If you share your list from your blog, I'll submit a post so that more of us can view them.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tuesday Taylor Penthouse Challenge

While responding to a comment by SmidgeGirl, I was struck with this idea: what if I attempted to reproduce the Tuesday Taylor Penthouse Apartment today? I mean make MY version of that scene? And what about inviting other bloggers and/or collectors to do the same? And then having a cross blogs post listing the participating bloggers' websites?

Your updated Penthouse need not match Tuesday's exactly - use what you like from hers and add or amend for yours.

What do you think? Any takers?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mattel's Village of the Damned Dolls

Well, Mattel never called them that - of course - but I have noticed that at least four of their dolls have odd silvery eyes. Eerie eyes ... that bypass race (Keeya is Black; Kayla is probably Latina) and gender. No, they don't have blond hair like the Children in the movie. But their eyes do stand out more than other doll eyes. Striking. So I gathered them together for a group photo. Those of you familiar with the classic film and its sequels, let me know your opinion.

The Village of the Damned Barbies include:

Fashion Fever Barbie (Wave K, 2005)

Amazing Nails Kayla (2001)

Babysitter Keeya (2002)

Awards Liam (2003)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February: Month of Hearts and ToyFair

When you think of February, what images come to mind? Red and pink hearts, white lace doilies, cards, roses and other flowers, but best of all, chocolate. Heart beat accelerating. Anxious sweating. Hand wringing. Wishing and hoping and hopping from foot to foot take up more time. With all this emotional stuff occurring, it must be about Valentine’s Day, right? Ummm … no. With February looming, I think of

TOY FAIR 2011!

Yes, it's that time again. New dolls, new action figures, and new STUFF!

Don't forget to check at Asmzine or your favorite doll and action figure news for when their pages update with news about the new 2011 dolls and action figures!