Friday, October 24, 2008

Three Versions of Mixis Opal

Thus far, there are two versions of three of the Mixis dolls: Emerald, Opal, and Rosa. The Sunset Edition Dolls wear sundresses and lace-up espadrilles and are priced around $49.95; the Limited Edition Dolls wear a cotton tank top, jeans or jeans skirt, and cropped bodice sweater and are priced around $59.95. Actually, on the Mixis web page -- -- there are THREE Opals: one Limited Edition Doll and TWO Sunset Edition Dolls, one with curly hair, the other with straight hair.

Aside: a photo that could be Houda in a denim jacket and denim mini skirt can be seen on this web page:

However, I haven't seen a Houda in the Limited Edition jeans outfit for sale. On that same web page, there is mention of other Mixis dolls: Amber, Amethyst, Coral, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz and Turquoise. Eight new dolls. Possibly, one of those doll can be seen with Rosa in the Mixis logo shown on this web page:

Wow doesn't suffice.

Exciting News -- Mixis Webpage Updated!

The website for the Mixis Dolls now shows not only the four dolls -- Emerald, Houda, Opal, and Rosa -- but OUTFITS for them. There are nine ethnic-themed outfits that can be seen on this web page:

Some of the outfits have kitten-heeled slippers, moccasins, or platform shoes. I don't usually moan over shoes -- I don't care much about my own shoes as long as they are comfortable and vaguely attractive -- but these shoes appear to be miniature art. Rosa's zip up boots and Opal's slip on pumps wow me. My photos shown in a previous entry don't do these pieces full justice. They resemble the Fashion Royalty shoes except that they are more everyday fashion than couture fashion.

I am almost loathe to report these outfits because I am afraid that they would be bought out BEFORE I can get back to hobby purchasing. But YNU Group CANNOT go out of business. Not before I buy at least one of each outfit and ALL of the dolls. That is selfish of me, I confess, but wow, what wonderful, delightful creations.