Friday, June 9, 2017

Five Dollar Wonder Woman - Whoo!

I got her, I got her!

Mattel 2017 Wonder Woman - Diana Prince in the blue gown. Yes, she can wear a sword in a hidden sheath in that gown. Where? Well, you can "hide" the sword in the back of her gown. Not the most practical location to put a dangerous weapon, I agree. But cool all the same. Now I would have preferred the bow-wielding doll for face screening and hairstyle, but when I saw that $5.00 sticker beneath the spot for the blue-gowned doll, I nabbed TWO. One to keep as she is; the other, to give another doll articulation. I mean, F-I-V-E dollars for an articulated doll with a SWORD. 

(I know nothing about swords, but I do like them as a doll or action figure accessory. Sigh. So romantic. Dramatic. I'll consider how to work a sword into a story later.) 

Where did I find this bargain? At a brick-and-mortar Walmart store. Online, she costs $14.97. So it saves to go to the physical store sometimes. 

Happy hunting and good luck!


Presto said...

Whoa, what a steal! I'll have to look at my store and see if they've got her for that amazing price!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Congrats! You always have to stop at the toy section between the milk and the laundry detergent, right?

Jewell said...

Congrats! I'm hoping the doll and horse sets go on sale soon. I want Hippolyta but don't want to spend $30. Can we hope to see some pictures of your deboxed doll's articulation?

RoxanneRoxanne said...

That's an awesome price for this doll! I'm glad that you were able to get a couple!

IHime said...

OMG, really sorry, but I can't help the envy! I want this doll so much after seeing the film and they are not yet available here (and I'm not sure if they ever will).

D7ana said...

Hi, Presto, Barb the Evil Genius, Jewell, RoxanneRoxanne, and IHime!

@Presto - I hope your store does, too. Good luck!

@Barb the Evil Genius - Thanks. And yes, I MUST wander over to the Toy section because I need the exercise. Ha, ha!

@Jewell - Thanks. Oh boy, I'd like to get the horse sets, too. And one of the ones with Steve Trevor, too. Yes, I'll do a post showing her articulation.

@RoxanneRoxanne - Thanks for your kind words. I am happy that I got two, too.

@IHime - hmmm ... she is a play line doll. Mattel has probably produced many of her. I'm sure that you'll get one ;-) How soon do you want her - do you want to wait and see if she reaches your country?

Carrickters said...

I'm with IHime. This doll is beautiful but she hasn't reached Australia yet and I do wonder if she will. She certainly won't be $5 though - she will cost a lot more.

IHime said...

I'm intending to give Mattel a chance and wait. This should be the most affordable way, and I'm a bit worried about facial screening buying online. Then, going online is always an option. :)

Cindi Mortensen said...

Hi D7ana!
You really did get a great deal on this doll. I got her at my local Wally's as well, but I paid $12. I was given the set of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor for my birthday. I wound up re-bodying both of them. I preferred the hair style on the one in the set. :-)

Treesa said...

It's great to see you posting D7ana. I know you've been commenting on other people's blogs, but I missed reading your blog. Hope your health is good.
And thanks for the tip about the Wonder Woman doll at Walmart. I'll have to check my local store. Maybe I'll luck out, since I live in the Philadelphia area.
I'm with you on doll-sized swords. There's just something appealing to me about them, even though I wouldn't want a human-sized sword.
Signed, Treesa

Muff said...

Guess I'm going to Walmart! I actually didn't like the movie but the dolls are great.

D7ana said...

@Carrickters - hi! Good to hear from you. I hope the movie Wonder Woman dolls reach Australia. Anyone know if the WW franchise would warrant such a reach? I thought the U.S. t.v. series starring Lynda Carter was shown world-wide ... in syndication. I was surprised to find her at this reduced price this soon. Shrug. I do hope you can get her; she's a lovely doll.

@IHime - I agree with you that seeing the dolls allows you to chose the best doll face screening. Plus you avoid getting wonky-eyed dolls. Sigh. I do hope you can get her, too; she has an interesting face.

@Cindi Mortensen - congrats on getting the two-doll set for your birthday! I prefer the hairstyle on the two-doll set, also. Pity you had to re-body them.

@Treesa - yes, I've been visiting other people's blogs. I have missed doll talk ;-) My health is better. I'm getting out more. I hope you find the WW doll at the sale price. (I went to the Walmart at 2200 Wheatsheaf Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19137, but other Walmarts might have that same sale.) LOL @doll-sized swords.

@Muff - yes! I LOVE that price for that doll. I haven't seen the movie yet. Not sure I want to since I'm not a big WW fan. Batman - and for a brief time, the New Teen Titans - was the only DC Comic figure that attracted me.

Smaller Places said...

Well THAT'S an incentive to face grocery shopping. Awesome find!

D7ana said...

Hi, Smaller Places! I love grocery shopping almost as much as doll shopping. But I was thrilled to get her for that price.

skippercollector said...

This isn't about Wonder Woman (which, by the way, a friend and I plan to see on July 4). It's a follow-up to the post you left on my blog about the Barbie competitors. I added the ones you gave me to the list, plus I added a few more I found. I find the oddest stuff at the dollar stores, which I've been hanging around a lot in the past few months. You also had asked me about Handsome Beau, but I don't think you sent me a photo of him.
Thanks for helping me update the list!

D7ana said...

Hi, SkipperCollector! Thanks for getting back to me about NEW playscale doll series. I'm happy to help with any lists of dolls in this range. Dollar stores do have neat stuff in them; good luck with your finds.

I left a link for Handsome Beau on your blog, but you can find my 2 photos of HB in this blog post.

I hope you enjoy the Wonder Woman movie. I haven't seen it yet either ;-)

monstercrafts said...

Oh, if I could just find a bargain like that... I like some of the new Wonder Woman dolls, but I'll wait until they go on sale.

D7ana said...

Hi, monstercrafts! I was happy to get this doll on sale - I might not have bought her at full price because there are so many Fashionistas I want. Good luck finding her or one of the others in this line on sale. I think Mattel produced a lot of them - to back up the movie - so I think it's likely you'll find her on sale.