Monday, July 31, 2017

Birthday Fashionistas

Six Mattel Fashionistas reached me on my birthday this year. Can you guess which ones by the soles of their feet?

No? Okay, I'll show them in pairs. The first two are Ken Fashionista #8 Camo Comeback and Barbie Fashionista #60 Patchwork Denim. He is so gorgeous. I love his Roman nose. I don't think there has been a Ken with such a nose before him. Maybe Romeo Ken? Maybe.

Penny became related to Bill on arrival. I thought that they had a similar, Eurasian look. Siblings. I like her hair color. Sassy orange. She looks fun and friendly. She's wearing her "Raggedy Ann" dress. I look forward to finding something else for her to wear.

Next pair are Ken Fashionista #9 Plaid on Point and Ken Fashionista #12 Chill in Check. Number 9 is another friendly face. I see him as a Felix. Easy-going and lucky. He's standing next to #12 to show the slight height and width differences between the new Slim build and the new Broad builds. 

Number 12 reminded me of an Agatha Raisin character, Bill Wong. Only my Bill Wong is not going to be a policeman, AND he is not an only child. 

Now my last pair for today are Ken Fashionista #10 Classic Cool and the blond, curly-haired, fair-skinned, Desiree-faced Barbie Fashionista from 2014. Number 10 is Curtis. I like his cornrows - although I agree with some collectors that some scalp needs to show between those rows - and his soft, full mouth.

Surprised about the 2014 Fashionista? Yay, I finally got her. I thought I could "settle" with the red-haired, curvy Pop Star Barbie. No. I still wanted this one and her necklace.

Ken Fashionista #8 Camo Comeback is Harold aka "Shy Hal"
Barbie Fashionista #60 Patchwork Denim is Penny Wong, younger sister of Bill
Ken Fashionista #9 Plaid on Point is Felix
Ken Fashionista #12 Chill in Check is Bill Wong, Penny's older brother
Ken Fashionista #10 Classic Cool is Curtis
Barbie Fashionista is Lenore 

So those are the Barbie/Ken Fashionistas I chose to receive on my birthday.  Do you have or want any of these dolls?


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Great doll score! I just saw Harold in a My Froggy Stuff video, and in the video, it appeared like his head didn't fit on his body very well. Almost like someone had done a head swap, and the new head didn't "quite" fit the body. What are your thoughts?

Muff said...

I actually did try to figure them out based on the first photo and the box backgrounds. I was wrong, lol! Great score!

Jaye said...

I knew one was the one with braids. That's how I figured out my Walmart had him up on a top shelf, by his feet. Had no clue about the other ones though. They are nice additions to your collection.

Cindi Mortensen said...

Great birthday presents! Congrats! I got the #12 Ken with the glasses. In Moreville, he's Daniel, one of several college students. He's studying computer science. LOL :-)

D7ana said...

Hi, Barb the Evil Genius! Thanks for telling me about that Froggy video. I subscribe to their channel, but I don't always watch all of their videos. That one I enjoyed. And I'd have left that cute Superman on his body. Maybe got another articulated body for Harold. Something a little tanner ... trying to think if I want to re-body him.

Hi, Muff! Thanks for trying. I did wonder if the shoes were distinct enough to determine who was who. I'm happy with the haul ;-) I'll check to see if you get any from this lot.

Hi, Jaye! LOL about those silver sneakers. Glad you used that knowledge to nab your Cornrow Ken. Thanks for sharing. I'm pleased with the guys and gals.

Hi, Cindi Mortensen! Thanks. I can see #12 as a computer science student. I look forward to seeing him in Moreville!

Jewell said...

Great birthday haul! Congratulations on getting the older Fashionista. Now that SYC is over, I'm on the lookout for the guy with cornrows. I have an idea for how I might improve his hair, but I gotta find him first. Lol

Georgia Girl said...

Happy Birthday Dana!! I hope your day was fabulous!! I couldn't figure them out. I have not decided which of the new wave that I would like. Decisions, decisions. Lol!

D7ana said...

Hi, Jewell! Yes, I was happy with the dolls I got. Still smiling at them. Good luck getting Cornrow Ken. I look forward to how you improve his hair.

Hi, Georgia Girl! Yes, I had a fun birthday. The only one I thought might be deduced by the sole of the feet photo was Cornrow Ken because of his silver sneakers. Good luck choosing the doll(s) you like best among the new wave. Choosing is half the fun!

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Oh, this is a nice birthday haul! I hope that you enjoyed your special day, and that the fun continues as you enjoy your new dolls! The only one of these that I have is cornrows Ken.

D7ana said...

Hi RoxanneRoxanne! Yes, it was a nice birthday haul. I had FUN! I'm glad that you got Cornrow Ken - he would be a cool addition to your high school. Wonder who he will hang out with among your folks? Time will show, fingers crossed ;-)