Friday, December 7, 2012

Little Mix Fashion Dolls by

I understand how toy manufacturers can go a little off the mark when it comes to resemblances, but sometimes the difference between the two strains credulity. Was the company really trying to get a resemblance? Probably. I suppose some features can be difficult to render realistically in 1:6 scale. Check the recently launched Vivid Imaginations' Little Mix dolls; do you think that the issued fashion dolls resemble the actual group members?

While I don't find that the dolls strongly resemble the singers, they do offer four new faces for playscale collectors. The purple-haired doll - Jade - looks as if she needs a fashion make-over. Bows? The bow at her waist and on her shoes seem one bow too many. Otherwise, she looks okay. The black-haired doll has interesting hair and an odd mouth as though she lost her front teeth. I would add gray streaks to her hair and make her someone's grandmother. The blond doll looks the most "normal," although I "guessed" who she is intended to be by her hair color only. (When the singer is blonde.) Finally, the last doll with reddish-purple hair does have a slightly crazy look in her eyes similar to the singer. And the pink leopard print leggings with the droopy crotch would not become anyone.

The cost of £19.99 (GBP) for the 12-inch replicas becomes roughly $32.19 in U.S. dollars. Here they are on for anyone interested in buying them.





You will all understand that I am NOT getting any of the young singers unless or until they reach bargain bins as expected. What do you think of them?