Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Modern 12" Joe Online Reference - Yo Joe!

Have a newer G.I. Joe from 1991-2005 whom you'd like to identify? Go to Yo Joe! for photos and accessory descriptions.

For more information about Hasbro's G.I. Joe line see Big Red Toybox, eBay Joe Guide, or YoJoe FAQs.

Aside: while we collectors usually borrow Kenwear for our Joes to give Joes civilian looks, Kens do not fit Joewear as well. I refer, of course, to the recent 12" Joes, NOT the earlier barrel-chested Joes from the 1970s. Joe pants can be difficult to put on the Husky Ken figures or too short, above the ankles ("high waters", we called such fit in my youth) for the leaner, longer legged Poser Kens.

Kens can look dapper in My Scene guy clothes, Flavas guy clothes, or action figure clothes. But that's for another post ;-D