Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Liv [Bodies] for Jenny

Do you have any Takara Jenny dolls who look as though they could use a more active body? Look no further than the SpinMaster Liv bodies for an excellent substitute. My Calendar Girl, July Schoolgirl Tamaki, has been transferred over to a Katie body.

At first, I had not thought that the complexions would match because Tamaki has a pale, fair complexion. Katie seems to have a pinker coloring. But the head and body fit well.

As you can see from this photo, both dolls have similar neck "trakes" - those nobby things attached to the top of the doll neck that gets covered by the doll head.

Tamaki is so happy with her new body - she is head over heels about it.

Monday, May 28, 2012

International Black Doll Show 2012, Pt. 1

For readers interested in seeing my photos from the International Black Doll Show 2012 this past Saturday, please check my Webshots folder, 2012 Black Doll Show. Thanks - in advance - for visiting.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fish Tackle Box Holds Some DAF Accessories

I intended to add photos to my Interview. Here are some of a fish tackle box that I use to store some of my doll and action figure accessories.

Pros: It holds a lot of small stuff. Keeps things tidy. Easy pull open and push shut. Doesn't take up a lot of space.

Cons: If it fell backward, pieces can fall out since the back is not fully closed. Have to open most drawers to see what is stored in the drawer. Labels attached would speed up finding specific accessories.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sale Alert - Ducking, Not MINE - Okay? Maddie in Canada

Okay, I am NOT trying to make everyone broke before the International Black Doll Show and Sale. Nuh uhn. No indeedy. But there is a BIG sale going on in Canada that could have some unbeatable and not-to-be-repeated sales for U.S. and overseas fashion doll buyers. Yes, I mentioned "overseas" buyers, too. Because, alas, Maddie's Dolls and More is having a Closing Sale.

Good news to enthusiasts outside of the U.S. and Canada; Maddie's ships overseas. Applause. So check to see if any of the loose Janay dolls, boxed Fashion Royalty dolls, other outfits, adorable Mattel Kelly sets, or Hasbro Destiny's Child dolls meet any gaps in your collection.

I'll say it: enabler. Wink.

FS: "Victorian Wedding" and "Long on Leather"

Didn't I promise more stuff for sale? Note: if you are totally bored with my selling - and that would be understandable - just take this as a chance for me to flaunt my collection. Look at the pretty pictures, lol. Or the not so pretty pictures, ha!

For example, here are two Francie outfits I am selling. One is "Long on Leather" and the other is "Victorian Wedding." I still like my tiny mod-psychedelic collection. But I am reducing it to allow for more other dolls and action figures. Need funds so some stuff just has to go. I hear eBay calling ....

By the way, can anyone tell me why some people can start an eBay auction at $5.00 and the final cost soars to $500.00, but whenever I start something at $10.00, I am lucky to get $10.01? No, I know you can't tell me. I suppose the Universe does not mean for me to scalp successfully, lol. Sigh. Pout. Does that make me major evil? To want to make a big sale now and then? Sniff, sniff. Peeping around a dry hankerchief ... has that multi-millionaire-collector-fairy-godperson (Either gender okay by me; cash is green and gender-neutral, right? Sure.) appeared on the horizon yet? No? No.

Without further frivolity, original Francie fashions:

Link to New Barbie DOTW and Cheerleader Dolls

Want to see the best new photos of new dolls? Where do you go? Did I hear the word "Flickr"?

You are right to say so. Check this link for Eddollboy's visual treats. Wow.

Starting a new wish list, I want a DOTW Brazil, at least 2 of the new cheerleaders, and Katniss Barbie. And if the DOTW Brazil is a Brazil-exclusive, that will make her even more attractive to other collectors.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Scene Jai Says "Hi!" From the Mall

Remember when the My Scene crew were "Jammin' in Jamaica?" Well, here's Jai from that wave. Originally, I thought to behead Jai so that I could use her poser body for one of my less articulate dolls. Sigh. But as if she could read my mind, she's been giving me this wounded "how could you" look. So she has won the right to retain her body.

If you would like to see Jai as she was in her original box, please see my Webshots folder labelled "My Scene." There are other My Scene dolls there, too.

What's the backdrop? Oh, that's #3012-01 the Real Friends Shopping Mall by Geoffrey, Inc. circa 1999. It was distributed by Toys R Us. Does anyone know if Toys R Us produced catalogs or other documents showing all the Real Friend playsets? That would be fun to see. I don't see much about this series online so I would check back issues of Playthings magazines.

Mass Blogger Interview

Ms. Leo submitted an invitation to doll bloggers to answer interview questions. Here is my response. Thanks, Ms. Leo for sharing your interview questions.

When did you start collecting dolls?

I started collecting when I was 16. I had been "playing with dolls" for years. Didn't want to "give it up" so I switched verbs to appease the critics. "Collecting" was okay; "playing" was not. The production of the Barbie book by Sibyl de Wein and Joan Ashabraner gave "collecting" Barbies a little more respectability. Then I found relevant magazines like Doll World, Doll Reader and mailed newsletters from Dori O'Melia in Arizona and Ruth Cronk in New York. More people, more credibility.

What was your first purchase as a collector?

I don't recall. I did not mark it. Using the word "collecting" was more a way for me to continue what I loved doing - i.e., buying dolls and action figures, telling stories, making clothes, and entertaining myself and others.

How many dolls do you own?

I no longer know. Between selling some and creating hybrids, my "count" per my Excel spreadsheets is off. Maybe 200 Barbie and 300 others?

What is your favorite doll and why?

I no longer have a single favorite. I love most of the ones I still have.

What doll or dolls are not your favorites and why?

Antique dolls ... because they are breakable and musty. Bratz because of their big heads and no noses. The bigger Blythes because they have shiny faces and over-sized heads. Those nearly transparent cheap dolls because it pains me that someone wasted plastic on them.

What is the biggest challenge about collecting dolls?

Stopping them from overrunning the apartment. Selling ones I no longer want.

How do you display or store your dolls?

Both at different times. I might display dolls in a scene around holidays. I store clothes in plastic boxes, accessories in Fashion Fever tubes, plastic boxes that held wipes, and compartmentalized trays. Inactive dolls and action figures might return to their original boxes, if I like the box design (art). Loose dolls might pile up. (Grimace - not proud of that; something I have to clear up.)

Have you ever been to a doll show?

Yes. I went to the Barbie Convention when it was here in Philly. I have gone to the International Black Doll Show and Sale here. I'd love to go to an Integrity doll show. Someday.

When you travel, do you look for dolls?


What is your latest purchase?

A third StarDoll.

What doll is on your wish list now?

Doll as in singular? There are several ... so many I want, but limiting to one ... one of the new Mixis dolls, either Melissa or Bryanna.

What do you wish you didn’t purchase?

Can't say ... no, rather, none. There are some I am selling now because in my current collection, some are near duplicates. But I didn't see that at the time that I bought them.

What is your favorite doll related item?

Odd accessories like the Ladies Mission doctor equipment, Smartees Amanda's architecture tools, action figure pipe - oh, and vehicles like cars, bikes, 'cycles.

How often do you photo your dolls and what doll is the most photographed and/or photogenic?

At least once a week. I don't think I have any one doll or figure photographed more than others. But I might not have noticed if I do.

Do you talk to other collectors in person or just on the web?

Usually and mostly, I talk on the web.

If you had the chance to speak to Mattel or other toy makers, what would you say?

To ALL doll and action figure manufacturers, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP stapling those horrible plastic tags into the figures' heads to bind them to the box! And please don't staple the clothes down, either. Makes holes when legitimate buyers try to separate the fashions from the box.

To Mattel, thanks for NOT articulating your dolls. Good for the economy. You make room for other companies to gain when we collector-enthusiasts BUY those other figures for replacement bodies. Most companies would prefer to hog all the money to themselves, but no, you WANT us to seek poser bodies elsewhere. Spread the wealth, indeed.

To various action figure manufacturers, please make smaller hands for your female figures. They don't have to be itty bitty baby hands. But the over-sized hands are frustrating to dress, etc.

What doll do you wish would be reissued?

Integrity Toys' Janay, Alysa, Jade, and others. Jakks Pacific's G.I.R.L. Force.

What two dolls would you combine and how would you want them combined?(Muff style question)

YNU Group's Mixis dolls and bbi-Takara CY Girls only with FEET and NO boot-sleeves. Jakks Pacific's G.I.R.L. Force and Liv dolls. I'd fuse the build of the Mixis and/or G.I.R.L. Force with the articulation of the CY Girls and the Liv dolls.

Thanks again for this post idea.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Artfire.com Anyone? Instead or In Addition to Etsy?

In the comments of the eBay/Etsy post, a reader asked about comparing eBay - Etsy to Artfire.com. Has anyone here experienced Artfire.com? I have not, but I leave this post open to those who may have. Please share your experience with that service here.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Thanks for the Warning, Paul Nomad: La Dee Da Dolls in the Vinyl

Thank you, Professional Toy Fiend Paul Nomad! Folks, we got photos of the real La Dee Da Dolls.

OMG! How could they happen?

Spin Master created one of the best articulated fashion dolls ever. Deep breathing then pause. Now they bring forth this ... GARUMPH. That was a pseudo-sound. The pseudo-sound of me swallowing a mountain of vicious criticism and acidic fury. Okay, Spin Master gave us the Liv bodies for a few years now. Do they deserve to be scourged for producing a new series that does not suit my taste? Covers mouth with a trembling right hand while the left hand fumbles for the name-brand aspirin. Is now the time to turn on the company polite enough to respond on the same day I sent them a query? No. Pause to reflect. (Don't really need the aspirin. Don't really need to force back heated words.) No.

Less subjective assessment called for. Okay the new - grimace - "La Dee Da" series reminds me of the old Strawberry Shortcake series. Pause to allow shudder-of-revulsion. Very bright colors. Huge heads. Tiny bodies. Yes, tiny bodies. So we are not likely to re-use them to re-body Barbies and other fashion dolls.

Wonder ... could that be it? Could word have leaked back to Spin Master that there was a small army of people using their doll bodies for Barbie heads? Could this new series be an act of revenge? Useless speculation. The new dolls must have passed some marketing test. Somewhere there are children who found those gooey, corn syrup drenched creatures exciting. And that is really scary.

Oh and stop by Paul Nomad's blog. Good reads there.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sayonara - No, Say It Ain't So ....

Okay, we've picked up rumors. Seen the shelves barer. Wondered. I think the first time I noticed "discontinued" along with "customer care" was in a comment on Emily's blog. So I sent a query to Spin Master's Customer Care link and received an answer back:

" ... we currently do not have plans to release any new LIV dolls or accessories in 2013."


Oh, no. So it is true. No more Liv dolls after the current lines.  So should we rush out and nab every Liv doll we can find? Maybe not ... because the considerate Customer Care team provided a link to a new doll line, La Dee Da range. And I thought ... perhaps Spin Master has revamped the Liv concept. Maybe we can have those great, pose-able bodies with new heads? Light returns to the valley.

Still ... it wouldn't hurt to set aside a few of the Liv bodies that remain. Just in case.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FS: Vintage and Mod Items on eBay, Part 2

Okay, it is time to surrender some Mod dolls to eBay. How about my lovely bend leg Francie and my TNT Twiggy? You'll find them on ebay Auction 320907114742. Please note: this is a one day auction.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vendor Confirmation for the Philly 2012 Black Doll Show

Guess who will attend this year's International Black Doll Show and Sale?

Doll connoisseur Linda C. Hayes!

And even better, she has something special from the West Indies to offer us. No hints were provided. Just the teaser that we would not be disappointed. Curious? Me, too! I hope for a new playscale doll or playscale doll accessories, but Ms. Hayes sells many kinds of dolls. So the mystery item(s) could be ... any thing. Hmmm ....

Come on May 26, 2012!

“A Treasury of Dolls”
International Black Doll Show and Sale
Saturday, May 26, 2012
10 AM - 5 PM
Philadelphia Convention Center
12th and Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA

Admission cost
$7.00 for adults
$5.00 for seniors
$5.00 children under 12 years old

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

eBay or Etsy: What are the Pros and Cons?

Help wanted: What are the Pros and the Cons of Ebay vs. Etsy?

Someone had posted that question on an alumnae board, and I thought it would be interesting to explore here. Many of you are impressively creative and you have Etsy sites already. I think Etsy = fine crafts, but what about eBay for fine crafts? I mean, eBay is all about stuff (and services and events, etc.). How do you decide whether to post your goods on Etsy and when on eBay?

I visited these websites for background information, but if you want to suggest some other sites, I'd be happy to add them to this list.

Etsy 101


Etsy Basics

Thanks in advance for any feedback :-)

FS: Vintage and Mod Items on eBay, Part 1

Additional photos of some things I am selling on eBay:

These fashions will be sold with Ken, Midge, PJ, and Francie mixed lot. Note: these are all used fashions.

The tan felt jacket is from 1969, #1429 Rally Gear for Ken. It has a pinprick hole in the back. The light blue jacket has a pink spot (bleach reaction?) on the back of the right sleeve. Francie's #1289 Note the Coat, white coat has a brown spot on the lining. The Francie hot pink w. yellow stripes swimsuit has been stretched. The Talking Julia jumpsuit has a tiny hole in it.

Next row, Julia's #1751 Leather Weather coat is very stiff. Next to it is a red vinyl bag that appeared with various outfits. Then there is the original Twiggy outfit - yellow mod boots and a color blocked knit dress. The dress has a tiny hole on it, too. Then we have #1459 Barbie's Great Coat; on the back of the yellow "leather" coat there is a small gray blemish on the back. Finally, the green jacket is part of #1512 Pretty Power, a Sears Exclusive Francie gift set.

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Reference Site for Vintage Barbie Fans

If you have a question about vintage Barbie or her friends, visit Marie's "My Vintage Barbie" reference site. You can watch vintage Barbie commercials, view vintage fashions by doll, see vintage dolls for sale on eBay, and write to Marie. There is a matching blog, as well. So if you have plans on identifying that mystery batch of doll fashions, check that site for information.

Happy Reading!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Smackdown Sale Continues Until Sunday, May 6 10:00 PM

I intended to announce the Smackdown Sale earlier this past Friday. Unfortunately, it took longer than I expected to gather the links, etc. so by the time the notice was submitted, the Sale was over. Way to go? NO, lol. Not if I want to sell stuff.

So the Sale continues until 10:00 PM Eastern Standard, Sunday, May 6th, 2012.

Happy Hunting!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Translation Service on Blogger!

BloggerBlog announced a Translation gadget that we can add to our blogs. I've added it to mine tonight.

I just need to watch using so many American idioms. Hello World. Bonjour.

Smackdown Doll Sale: $8-12 + $12 Postage + Today

Okay, time to get ruthless about reducing my collection. I am tired of tripping over things and feeling that I am missing out on display fun. So it's Sales Time! And here are the terms:

1. Anything that goes under this sale, must be paid today via PayPal. (Only exception: items going outside U.S. - to Canada, Mexico, overseas, etc. Those items will get weighed and must be paid on May 5, 2012.)

2. Select individual dolls will cost $8.00; boxed doll pairs will cost $12.00.

3. Postage in the U.S. is $12.00 for one doll or $12.00 for multiple dolls. Postage to places outside the U.S. will depend on actual costs.

4. This sale ends 10:08 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

5. Availability updates will be posted as a new comment. If something sells, I will mention that sale in a comment under this post.

6. Please send queries as a comment to this post. I will not be publishing the requests. But it'll be easier to monitor the queries if they come in one place.

From my DollPage list, these dolls are under this sale:

Black Fairytale Ken

Skipper Slumber Party set

Kmart Just Girlz

Barbie DOTW: Princess of Holland

These dolls from a previous Sale post:

My Scene Delancey and Nolee - $12.00 for both dolls

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave N - Styled by Me 27084 34555 H0644
Pink-taupe-white-black print shirt; tan miniskirt etc. 

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends 27084 33808
Gray-taupe-pink tweed on white jacket

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends 27084 29702 H0644 J1326
Purple spangly top; pinstriped faded jeans

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave V 27084 29737 H0644
Peachy pink mini dress w. purple trim at hem etc.

Barbie Fashion Fever Holiday 27084 40589 K0841
Red net over silver dress; silver fox "fur"; red platform heeled sandals etc.

Barbie Fashion Fever 2006 line 27084 44745
Tiered pink knit mini dress; white purse

Barbie Fashion Fever 2007 line 27084 48621
Black bolero jacket w. puff sleeves; pink w. black dots blouse; black capris etc.

Ken Fashion Fever 2006 line 27084 44748 K8411 K8421
Light gray pullover with pink-multi graphic; black messenger bag; blue jeans etc.

Kurt Fashion Fever Wave S Modern Trends  27084 29707 H0644 J1331
Olive-beige multi print long sleeved shirt; distressed black jeans; black boots etc.


My Scene Nolee Just Chillin', 2003

My Scene Goes Hollywood, 2005 2 outfits 

Barbie DOTW: Polish

Bead Blast Barbie, 1997

Birthstone Beauties: May Miss Emerald (Black) 2007

Birthstone Beauties: November Miss Topaz (White) 2007

Barbie as Veronica, 2005

Barbie Diaries Courtney, 2005

Butterfly Art Barbie, 1998 (1 doll)

Butterfly Art Teresa, 1998 (1 doll)

 I Love Lucy: “Job Switching” Lucy & Ethel, 2008. NRFB, $12.00

 Barbie outfit Fashion Trend 2003 Peasant blouse and skirt

Barbie outfit Fashion Trend 2003 Denim halter, leather skirt

Sideshow Collectibles Planet of the Apes (Original) Taylor NRFB

Shedding the Collector Perspective

"Why on earth is all of your doll stuff still in plastic and boxes, etc? Do you ever play with your stuff?" Vanessa in Comment for "FS: Kenmore My First Kitchen on eBay"

Well, let's see ... why so many things still in boxes? I don't want stuff to get dusty? I can always have something new to open? If I open it, I will lose it among the other stuff? The box graphics and the doll pose are too precious to undo? I got it on sale and am not sure I really want to keep it? Wouldn’t that be unfair to someone else who would miss that just-opened-freshness? Suppose I “kicked it” tomorrow, how will my family identify what is left? Of course, their first thoughts will be, “how to distribute these fine collectibles to deserving enthusiasts?” Or I go into a coma after being hit by a driver who willfully ignores the “pedestrians have the right of way law in the state of Pennsylvania?” Whew. Ummm … surely I am not the only collector/enthusiast who has anxieties about the fate of my collection after I am no longer capable of overseeing it? Let’s see a “show of hands” …


I suppose that is part of the reason. I can still set the boxes up in a corner if I just wanted to retain the artwork. But to keep the dolls still there ... that's more for saving them, preserving them for some future generation to appreciate. Like I am the onliest bastion for modern dolls and action figures. No one else has ever or would ever be able to record these wonderful creations if I did not. Only now ... grace of the Internet ... I don't have to be the only bastion for the preservation of modern dolls and action figures. There are MANY others recording and photographing modern dolls - some, many even, better at photography than me. 

(Aside to the peanut gallery, okay, photography is NOT my strong point.)

So I really don't have to preserve ... by golly, I can PLAY. I can enjoy them. 

Flash image to self and dolls and action figures running unimpeded down a long brightly lit corridor.

"Free at last, free at last!"

Okay, hyperbole is, if not my strong point, a familiar one. But I do feel that there is a difference between being a collector-caterpillar and evolving into a enthusiast-butterfly. Enthusiasts have wings to fly!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FS: Kenmore My First Kitchen on eBay

Who: Me, PhillyCollector aka D7ana

What: Selling my Kenmore My First Kitchen for 11.5" Fashion Doll

When: Now - 1 day

Where: eBay

Why: Need the money

How: by eBay

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thanks, Cat, for the C-A-T-S!

Look who has two pets now? Yes, that's Sideshow Collectibles' Tee Hee. He was wandering around when the mail came yesterday. He saw the cats; they saw him. Pop! Love at first sight.

Where did these cats come from? Out West. These two treats came in one package from Cat of A Doll Affinity.  If all goes well, she will receive a Kenzie head for her kindness. Thanks again, Cat.