Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sale Alert - Ducking, Not MINE - Okay? Maddie in Canada

Okay, I am NOT trying to make everyone broke before the International Black Doll Show and Sale. Nuh uhn. No indeedy. But there is a BIG sale going on in Canada that could have some unbeatable and not-to-be-repeated sales for U.S. and overseas fashion doll buyers. Yes, I mentioned "overseas" buyers, too. Because, alas, Maddie's Dolls and More is having a Closing Sale.

Good news to enthusiasts outside of the U.S. and Canada; Maddie's ships overseas. Applause. So check to see if any of the loose Janay dolls, boxed Fashion Royalty dolls, other outfits, adorable Mattel Kelly sets, or Hasbro Destiny's Child dolls meet any gaps in your collection.

I'll say it: enabler. Wink.


Vanessa said...

Thanks for the link. We won't hurt you. Sorry to see another doll store close it's doors. That Loose Janay was nice, but I have enough Janay dolls here that don't get any camera time.

D7ana said...

Whew! Thanks for the clear, Vanessa. I can put away my oversized black sunglasses and my scarf.

It is sad to see another doll store close. I've made cool purchases from Maddies. Sigh.

And I, too, have lots of Janays here. Although I would have liked that redheaded Candi ....

Buffy said...

Maddie's Dolls is a gem to deal with. Thanks for the post, D7ana.

D7ana said...

You're welcome, Ro! Hope that you got neat deals - recently or previously - from Maddie's Dolls.

I have also had luck with My Favorite Doll.