Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunshine Mixis on Sale - Canadian Store $28.99

Okay, I am NOT familiar with this store,, but if anyone has bought from that site or knows someone who has, please send a comment regarding the service, etc.

The Sunshine Mixis dolls are on sale for $28.99 Canadian dollars. Postage is NOT included.

Happy Mixis collecting ;-D

Ack! Missing Two of the Smartees, Not One!

I used the Internet Wayback Machine to search for Smartees dolls. How many there were, etc. Well, I thought I had all but one, Alexis the Artist. Nuh uh. I also don't have Madison the Marine Biologist.

A cool feature on this page is that if you click on the doll, you can see her accessories, etc.

So that's two more dolls on my Want List.

Shrug. Whatever, right?