Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Yes, I Have Fashion Fever Barbies and Others for Sale - Pending Project

Someone asked if I still had Fashion Fever Barbies for sale. Yes, I do. These four are ones I'm selling mint and complete. I don't have prices for them yet because I might have to sell them through a second party. There are other Fashion Fever dolls - Holiday Barbie, Shannen, Christie, Drew - that I might sell also although I'll be keeping the fur stole from the Holiday Barbie and Drew's fur jacket and leather-lace mini skirt. 

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave N - Styled by Me 27084 34555 H0644 

Barbie Fashion Fever Wave R - Modern Trends 27084 33808 

Kurt Fashion Fever Wave S Modern Trends Collection 27084 29707 H0644 J1331 

Teresa Fashion Fever Wave B - Asian Fruits 27084 19171

I also have other dolls, outfits, and accessories for sale. I'll list them later.