Sunday, April 6, 2014

Help Mattel Harry Potter Transfer to an Obitsu Teen Body

Calling DAF kitbashers around the world: Julian Syphon - né Harry Potter (Mattel) - wants to be articulated.

Obitsu neck and Mattel Harry neck

Several years ago, I bought an Obitsu male teen body to make Julian (Harry) an articulated teen. Unfortunately, I encountered two problems. First: although both Julian and the Obitsu teen body are pale, they are different pale shades. Julian has a pinkish tint to his pale complexion; the Obitsu body, an ivory tint. Not an insurmountable problem once he is dressed. But the second problem is that the necks are not readily compatible. Julian has what I think of as a cookie jar top style head/neck topping a stump neck base/body. The Obitsu body has a slender neck with a toggle to hold the head. That's the real problem: the head/neck variation.

If I remove Julian's head only, it is wider than the Obitsu neck so it would wobble around the toggle. If I glued his head to the toggle, he could not turn his head. A possible solution would involve doll surgery. I could cut Julian's head and most of his neck from his body, fit that head/neck over the Obitsu neck and glue it in place. So Harry would be able to turn his head. But would there be a gap and how to fill that smoothly? Also, that would leave the original Harry Potter body useless except for doll limb retrieval. Hmmm ...

Why bother? Well, I would like to have a more limber Julian. And the Obitsu body feels lost without a head. Every body needs a head, right? See the Obitsu body's moves in the following photos. There needs to be a head atop that body.

Obitsu Male Teen Body Mattel Harry Potter

Obitsu body and Mattel Harry size comparison

Obitsu body and Mattel Harry rear

Obitsu seated

Obitsu pulls in right leg

Obitsu extends right leg

Obitsu lifts left leg

Obitsu knees up

Obitsu knees down

Obitsu right arm bent

Obitsu left arm detail

Obitsu falls back

Obitsu crawls

Okay, you might find the Obitsu body a little delicate. A little on the frail side - compared to Julian's (Harry's) original Mattel body. Sigh. But it is fun to pose him. And since Julian has lost his wizard background and become a mere Muggle, surely he deserves some compensation. Like a limber body that he can dance in.

So, if you have any advice or know someone who could offer some advice, do please share solutions. Help make a head and a body connection.