Thursday, November 21, 2013

New So In Style Prom Dolls

L'ubo, a regular on Facebook's So in Style and other doll groups, shared links to the new So In Style Prom dolls. I am sharing those links here for S.i.S. fans to view. Alas, these are basic dolls - limited articulation, but they have new hair styles and new fashions.

(Ack! What am I typing?! At this time? New hair styles and outfits? But hey, it is news. Maybe the new fashions will inspire someone? Sigh.)

Well, here are the links:




Please note: the Amazon web site and the links have some typos for Grace and Kara. Grace has become "Chandra" while Kara is called "Chandra" on one line. Huh? You say. Check the photos, I answer and wink.

Thanks again, L'ubo for sharing the photos and the links.