Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Spinmaster Liv Neon Colors and a New Doll Blogger

I saw Spinmaster's new color-focused Liv dolls in a Philadelphia Target store: Liv for Color and Liv Brites. So I did some online investigating and discovered a new-to-me doll enthusiast's Flickr photo album. (Flickr seems to be the place to go for the latest in new doll discoveries.) Emily, the new-to-me blogger, reveals some unfortunate news about these new Liv line: less articulation than previous lines - please read her blog post about the vivid Liv dolls.

Liv for Color

Sophie with blue hair and blue dress, Alexis with pale pink hair and pale pink dress, and Katie with dark pink hair and dark pink dress shown in above photo.

Hayden with purple hair and purple dress and Daniela with red hair and red dress in photo below.

Target Exclusives Brites

Alexis (orange hair), Katie (purple), and Sophie (pink hair).