Monday, June 29, 2015

World Doll Day Tag

Saturday, June 13, 2015 was World Doll Day.

Mildred Seeley established World Doll Day on June 14th, 1986. I have copied her letter so you can read about this day in her words:

Three of my doll blogging buddies tagged me to participate:

and Lisa

Tagged participants then follow and/or adapt these three actions. List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you got last year. List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist. Tag 5 people to do the same thing.

1. 2014 Favorite Dolls (and/or Action Figures)

Like Vanessa, I had to review last year's blog posts to see who either arrived last year - or given my self-imposed buying restriction - was opened or altered last year. These are my choices:

* Mattel Disney Snow White (head) on SpinMaster Liv body
Surprised? Me, too. But this Disney perennial has become a favorite. The Spin Master Liv body helped define her new character. She can pose better than on her old, staid body. She won't be accepting poisoned apples from anybody nor will she be serving aged men in a musty cottage. Fit, she is optimistic and buoyant. Behold Snow-as-positivity.

* Mattel Jazz Diva Barbie
No surprise here. She's a lovely doll, and she's got fun accessories like wigs, flowers, a mic, a dressing gown, etc. Check her eyes though. The whites are red. Lady sings the blues; lady's lived the blues. Her man done her wrong. Her house was struck by lightening. Her life's savings were lost in the house fire. Guess what? She gets up, applies her make-up and sings the night down. Introducing Jazz Diva-as-perseverance.

* Mattel Harry Potter (head) on Obitsu teen body
He's back! New body, new name: Julian Syphon, only son of banker Ned Syphon and former child actress Moira Martindale, is lovingly nicknamed "Our Jewel." His paternal grandfather heads the local Political Science Department and dotes on his only grandson. Like that smirk? I do. Julian's my Puckish, plucky fellow. 

(Note: I will need to carve a larger head hole to allow his head to fully sit on the Obitsu neck.)

Here are my 2014 picks in recent photos:

Hybrid Snow White (left) and Mattel Jazz Diva Barbie (right)
Hybrid Snow White and Mattel Jazz Diva Barbie

Harry Potter Re-bodied on Obitsu Body

2. 2015 Wish List Dolls (and/or Action Figures)
Okay, now these will be tip of the iceberg doll/action figure wants. I have not bought many new dolls or action figures so I have a BIG back load of wants. 

* Mattel Gustav Klimt Barbie - a Linda Kyaw designed vision with flyaway black curly hair and a stunning gold-multi Klimt inspired dress. I LOVE that dress; it's described as having "Byzantine mosaics and Egyptian motifs."

* R&D  Dolls / Integrity Toys Dynamite Girls Love Revolution Sweet Freedom Susie - cute outfit, but I love this Susie's eyes. They are so dark. She'll be a welcome addition to my Susie collection someday.

* Majestic Studios Blacula Action Figure - check out his fine suit! And cape? Woot, woot! Three heads he has, too - one with maggots (will give away or sell), one human, and the last, vampire with fangs exposed. I intend to get an extra body so one head will remain human; the other, vampire.

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