Monday, June 29, 2015

World Doll Day Tag

Saturday, June 13, 2015 was World Doll Day.

Mildred Seeley established World Doll Day on June 14th, 1986. I have copied her letter so you can read about this day in her words:

Three of my doll blogging buddies tagged me to participate:

and Lisa

Tagged participants then follow and/or adapt these three actions. List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you got last year. List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist. Tag 5 people to do the same thing.

1. 2014 Favorite Dolls (and/or Action Figures)

Like Vanessa, I had to review last year's blog posts to see who either arrived last year - or given my self-imposed buying restriction - was opened or altered last year. These are my choices:

* Mattel Disney Snow White (head) on SpinMaster Liv body
Surprised? Me, too. But this Disney perennial has become a favorite. The Spin Master Liv body helped define her new character. She can pose better than on her old, staid body. She won't be accepting poisoned apples from anybody nor will she be serving aged men in a musty cottage. Fit, she is optimistic and buoyant. Behold Snow-as-positivity.

* Mattel Jazz Diva Barbie
No surprise here. She's a lovely doll, and she's got fun accessories like wigs, flowers, a mic, a dressing gown, etc. Check her eyes though. The whites are red. Lady sings the blues; lady's lived the blues. Her man done her wrong. Her house was struck by lightening. Her life's savings were lost in the house fire. Guess what? She gets up, applies her make-up and sings the night down. Introducing Jazz Diva-as-perseverance.

* Mattel Harry Potter (head) on Obitsu teen body
He's back! New body, new name: Julian Syphon, only son of banker Ned Syphon and former child actress Moira Martindale, is lovingly nicknamed "Our Jewel." His paternal grandfather heads the local Political Science Department and dotes on his only grandson. Like that smirk? I do. Julian's my Puckish, plucky fellow. 

(Note: I will need to carve a larger head hole to allow his head to fully sit on the Obitsu neck.)

Here are my 2014 picks in recent photos:

Hybrid Snow White (left) and Mattel Jazz Diva Barbie (right)
Hybrid Snow White and Mattel Jazz Diva Barbie

Harry Potter Re-bodied on Obitsu Body

2. 2015 Wish List Dolls (and/or Action Figures)
Okay, now these will be tip of the iceberg doll/action figure wants. I have not bought many new dolls or action figures so I have a BIG back load of wants. 

* Mattel Gustav Klimt Barbie - a Linda Kyaw designed vision with flyaway black curly hair and a stunning gold-multi Klimt inspired dress. I LOVE that dress; it's described as having "Byzantine mosaics and Egyptian motifs."

* R&D  Dolls / Integrity Toys Dynamite Girls Love Revolution Sweet Freedom Susie - cute outfit, but I love this Susie's eyes. They are so dark. She'll be a welcome addition to my Susie collection someday.

* Majestic Studios Blacula Action Figure - check out his fine suit! And cape? Woot, woot! Three heads he has, too - one with maggots (will give away or sell), one human, and the last, vampire with fangs exposed. I intend to get an extra body so one head will remain human; the other, vampire.

3. Tag 5 people to do as I have done.

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 Queen City Beautiful Doll Club created a Facebook page for this event. 


Jewell said...

Hooray for the Harry Potter figure making the list of favorites! I'm a huge fan. I've read the entire series multiple times. I don't know why, but that Blacula figure puts a big goofy grin on my face. The movie was before my time, but it reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Vampire in Brooklyn. That was one ridiculous movie.

dolljunk said...

Actually have you thought about getting an Ever After High Dexter for Harry since his neck more more thicker than Obitsu's but still thinner than other male bodies in 1/6th scale. Also I think the skintone match would be MUCH closer.
Also here's a good tutorial for altering his neck to fit that style of joint:

Vanessa said...

I would love to have Harry Potter in my collection. I'm not surprised about Snow White. I have the articulated Disney version and she drew me in right from the start. Wow, I had never seen that Blacula figure. I'm so glad you chose to participate. It's always great being introduced to new dolls.

jSarie said...

Great list!

I love seeing rebodied dolls, so your Harry Potter seems brilliant to me. And I had no idea that there was a Blacula figure, but that's awesome.

D7ana said...

Hi Jewell, Jawn Pickles, Vanessa, and jSarie!

@Jewell - I've only read one Harry Potter book. I should try the others ;-)

Blacula is a MUST see if you like funny - unintentionally funny - movies. The "right-on" attitude might also amuse you. And yes, people did talk like that, lol.

@Jawn Pickles - no, I had not considered the Ever After dolls for matches. I LOVE that tutorial - who'd have thought to use a bread tag like that?! Neat! Thanks for sharing. I need to follow that blog on Tumblr ....

@Vanessa - oh, I hope you find a HP head. I'm still surprised how much I like my Snow doll. She's different from the Disney character - of course, ha ha - but she's got some qualities from that source.

The Blacula figure may not have been produced as heavily as some other Majestic Studios figures. I think Male Doll World has him. I think they only made a few of him. I need to check on that ;-P

I hadn't thought that I would be able, but once I started, I enjoyed writing the post. Thanks for inviting me ;-D

@jSarie - thanks. I enjoyed compiling it.

I LOVE rebodying dolls - it affects the character, I think. Makes them more MINE, ha ha.

I don't know how many Blacula figures were made. But, yes, he's out there. Awesome indeed. I LOVE campy movies ;-)


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I love Snow White's face as well. As you probably know, because she appears several times on my blog.

Did you rebody your Jazz Diva? I remember some Mattel jazz dolls coming with articulated bodies.

Re: campy movies. Ever watch Murder By Death? A good movie if you like vintage detectives.

Anonymous said...

Great choices! Jazz Diva is very cool, she's special. I hope you get Susie soon, I would love to see your photos of her!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

WOW Diana the "best dolls from 2014" are handpicked, I remember when you found the perfect body for Snow White, and I agree with you: she's got personality, same goes for Jazz Diva....amazing doll.
The three choices on the wish list are intriguing as well. I think that Klimt Barbie is simply amazing, love her hairdo and the Mackie sculpt, and she has pivotal harms as well!
I'd wish to see Blacula in person, he looks amazing!

The grandmommy said...

I am not into Mr. Potter, but the girls are gorgeous!

april_n_paris said...

D7ana, Great selections. I am in awe of your knowledge of dolls, Barbies in particular. I never knew there was a Jazz Diva. She's quite pretty.
As for the World Doll Day...I would say the person responsible for launching that day was quite successful. Now that we all know about it, we'll be ready next year!

D7ana said...

Hi Barb the Evil Genius, Linda, Billa's dolls and fashions, The grandmommy, and April_n_Paris.

@Barb the Evil Genius - yes, I've seen Snow on your blog, Barb. She wore a lovely green gown. No, I didn't rebody Jazz Diva Barbie. She came on an articulated body ;-)

I don't recall seeing Murder By Death, but it's on my list now. Thanks!

@Linda - alas, I'm not likely to get Susie or any of my wish list dolls soon. Between moving and reducing, I'm not set for new dolls ;-P

@Billa's dolls and fashions - your World Doll Day entry was inspiring. I'm glad you enjoyed my choices ;-)

I read somewhere that the Klimt Barbie has the new Aphrodite head mold and that that's the Mackie face with an open mouth. I'll have to check where I saw that ;-}

@The grandmommy - the girls thank you for the compliment!

@April_n_Paris - oh, yes, there were a few Jazz dolls on pivotal bodies - Jazz Baby Mistress of Ceremonies Barbie, 3 dancers with blonde, red, brunette hair, and a OOAK Jazz Baby Grand Dame Barbie as well as Jazz Diva.

I agree that Mildred Seeley did a good service for the doll fan community. Next year, I'd like to giveway some dolls as well. It's a new event for me, too ;-)

Lisa Neault said...

I never knew Mildred Seeley started world doll day- you learn something new every day! I have a snow white but she is the articulated one fromDisney. And your jazz diva is lovely. That Harry Potter is a hard to find guy- I can understand why you rebodied him!

I never heard of the blackula? going to have to look for him! and I missed out on the Susie when I had the chance at her- she is so cute. Great post!

Ms. Leo said...

I've just been tagged too! I am glad to see what you have posted. I got my Jazz Baby last year too. Is that the snow white I gave you? If so, I'm glad to see that she has a great home.

Muff said...

Harry Potter head! I'm super sorry I missed out on that era. I didn't even get into the books until the 4th movie had already been released. Always a day late and a dollar short.

D7ana said...

Hi Lisa Neault and Ms. Leo!

@Lisa Neault - I just learned about WDD this year - or it hadn't sunk in if I came across it before. Glad you liked the dolls and the post and BIG thanks for tagging me. I had fun with this post ;-)

@Ms. Leo - yes, I saw Georgia Girl of Pink Obsession tagged you, but you were tagged on another site, too. I remember because you and Juanita of Mustiwait were both on that list. That's why I didn't tag you. If I come across the blog, I'll send you the link ;-)

I had my Jazz Baby before last year; I just opened her box then, lol. That's the same Snow you gave me.

D7ana said...

Hi Muff! I occasionally kick myself for NOT getting the teen Hermione doll to match Harry. I saw her in a Target store. I could have bought her, but no. I snoozed, I losed. I'm glad you're "collecting" and kitbashing today.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Somehow I completely missed World Doll Day. I can see why Snow White got the top spot, the Liv body really suits her.
Using a bag clip to rebody is brilliant.

Georgia Girl said...

Your 2014 purchases are nice! I love Jazz Diva and so regret not buying her. You guys are making me want to start the hunt to locate one.

D7ana said...

Hi Anderson's All-Purpose and Georgia Girl!

@Anderson's All-Purpose - I almost missed World Doll Day. I do like the Liv bodies ;-)

I LOVE seeing Jawn's rebodied dolls. He's a master at rebodying dolls. Also see Andrea of DollsAhoy.

@Georgia Girl - glad you enjoyed seeing the selection. Jazz Diva stands out. She's worth a search - dood luck! ;-)

Carrickters said...

Sorry for being so late to comment. Our beautiful cat poisoned herself last week and we've spent most of our spare time at the vets. (I'll put details on my blog and then answer the doll questions.) Love your favourite dolls particularly the Jazz Diva Barbie and I hope you get at least some of your wishes for this year - the Gustav Klimt Barbie is lovely.

D7ana said...

Dear Carrickters - I am sorry to hear that you cat passed. I've lived with a cat since 2005; I cannot imagine him gone.

I was late answering the World Doll Day invitations; sorry I gave them out at the end of the month. I will look forward to your choices and to any information you choose to share about your cat. (I can never read enough prevention posts. He's the only cat I have ever had. Ten years is NOT enough ;-{ )

Carrickters said...

Sorry, D7ana, I didn't mean to give that impression. Luma poisoned herself but she survived - which apparently is really rare (and the answer to lots of prayer and I am so thankful). However, it was really serious so that's why I am writing a prevention post.

D7ana said...

Hi Carrickters! Now that's great news. Yay, Luma!

The grandmommy said...

OMG! How did I miss this? :-( Sorry about that!

D7ana said...

Hi The Grandmommy! You read LOTS of blogs, lol. If you want to and can do a World Doll Day post, I'd enjoy reading it. No pressure, no sorry - sorry = sad. Be happy ;-)

Allenoel said...

I'm sorry I didn't see this in time. I did attempt it, though. Thanks for including me. :)

D7ana said...

Hi Allenoel! Thanks for participating! I enjoyed reading your answers ;-)