Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tanned Merida and Disney Confession

I saw this - new to me - Merida the other day. No, I don't memorize all of the Disney Princess dolls. I haven't yet seen the movie Brave yet, but I recognized - just - Merida. She is one of the recent Disney Princesses. She has the shorter Disney body, a Twilight Barbie pale complexion, and lots of bright red curly hair. Her original coloring reminds me of a younger Amy Pond from Dr. Who. Spunky, blunt, and straightforward. But this Merida has a light suntan. Uh oh. Oh my. Merida, what happened?

Now I won't go as far as one article that complains that Merida looks just like the other Disney Princesses: she does not. In spite of the wavy rather than curly hair, I could differentiate her from the others. Her head shape remains round. But that light golden tan does smack of Barbie-fication. And the way she is drawn in the box illustration, she does look "tarted up." Like Merida's slutty aunt sauntered across the movie set. Of course, I have not seen the movie yet. Maybe Merida grows up to love make up and form-fitting velvet gowns.

Speaking of seeing Disney movies, I have a confession to make. I had thought  Disney movies were too saccharine for me. Thought? No, I damned them as being too mushy. Well, I recant. What? Yes, I, Dana Cooper, being in a relatively sane mind, do confess that I have recently enjoyed a Disney movie. I watched it THREE times in one week.

Which Disney movie? The Princess and the Frog. Guess what? Yes, you have it - I LOVED the movie.The soundtrack didn't completely win me over, but I loved the story of hard-working, dream-focused Tiana. I liked her loud but lovable friend Charlotte, party playboy Naveen, the evil Dr. Facilier, Mama Odie, and even ... gulp ... Ray. I've taken your advice and now I'll follow this movie up with Brave and The Little Mermaid - the former, because I like spunky heroines and the latter because I want to see how the Ariel character appears.

So if you have been longing for a suntanned Merida, she's ahem available.