Sunday, September 20, 2015

Seen at Target - Halloween Chelsea and Others

I stopped in a Target the other day. Three Halloween Chelseas, 4 of the five Fifth Harmony dolls, and some other dolls were out.

These are the 2015 Halloween Chelseas. Remember, they are only available at Target (and on the secondary markets). What I find interesting is that the suntanned Chelsea is a ghost while the palest Chelsea is a pumpkin. I would have thought that the palest doll would be the ghost. Then again the white satiny dress contrasts nicely against a tanned complexion, and the orange brightens the paler complexion. Junior-fashionistas-in-the-making!

pale complected, black-haired Chelsea dressed as a pumpkin
Pumpkin Chelsea

Rosy-complcted, auburn-haired Chelsea witch?
Witch? Chelsea

Suntanned blond Chelsea as a ghost
Ghost Chelsea
Were I in the mood for buying now, I would buy the Pumpkin and the Ghost Chelseas. Oh heck, the redhead is cute, too. I love all their coloring. Wonder if they have any Black Halloween Chelseas? I remember Mattel did for Kelly, but I'm not sure about Chelsea. Is the black-haired Chelsea Asian? Hmmm ....

Next, I saw Barbie and her other two sisters appear in a Great Puppy Adventure gift set. I would like Skipper's dress - sunflowers on a dark background, but I don't like how the edges are finished.

I almost like this single Skipper doll's outfit - a dark tee shirt and denim jeans. If the pants didn't have the rips. I like fringe, but rips look sloppy to me. This Skipper has lilac eyes. Pass.

Rock n Royals band member. She's very pale like the Pumpkin Chelsea. Blue streaked hair with one side cut shorter. The short hair cut differs from the overflowing tresses most fashion dolls wear. Hmmm ... Rachelle face mold? The doll I saw has an odd look to her vinyl/plastic that reminds me of cheaper dolls. A waxy look.

I saw most of the Fifth Harmony dolls. Yay! Now I've decided, I just want Ally from this set. Why? The others look too much like other dolls I either have or have seen. Unless I come across a doll with vastly different face screening, I can pass. Good for my wallet, yes? Yes!

Ally of Fifth Harmony
Possibly one for me - Ally of Fifth Harmony

Normani of Fifth Harmony
Normani of Fifth Harmony - Another Desiree face mold

Dinah of Fifth Harmony
Dinah of Fifth Harmony - Another Asha face mold

Camila of Fifth Harmony
Camila - Another Alex Russo? face mold

Same doll aisle, different manufacturer: a new Disney line, Descendants, rendered by Hasbro. The Descendants are the children of Disney heroes and villains. There are four female characters and two male: Mal, Evie, Jane, Lonnie, Ben, and Carlos. I like the articulated bodies, but I'd have to sell the big heads.

Hasbro Disney Descendants Coronation Jane
Hasbro Disney Descendants Coronation Jane

Hasbro Disney Descendants Coronation Audrey
Hasbro Disney Descendants Coronation Audrey

More new bodies! Yippee! I LOVE new body options. These are the Project MC2 dolls by MGA Entertainment. If you'd like to see a comparison of these bodies along some other articulated doll bodies, I suggest you check Picklepud's Flickr site. The Doll Circle offers a YouTube video that has a brief comparison of the Project MC2 dolls to SpinMaster Liv dolls and the quality of the dolls.