Saturday, May 2, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 12" Figure by ToyBiz

I saw the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" movie this morning. I loved it. Eye candy in the forms of Hugh Jackman (expected) and Daniel Henney (whoa, new cutie). Lots of action. Motorcycle chase. Buildings exploding. Choreographed fights. Bad guys mostly died except one needed for future stories. There was even a discernible plot. The other theater-goers were relatively quiet. My $8.50 was earned. I left happy and excited. I could almost see it again.

Seems that Toy Biz has or will have a 12" Wolverine action figure sculpted to look like Hugh Jackman. Now while that sounds promising, it isn't as great news as you would think. Here's a link to the figure available through

The head photographed looks like the actor; I am not sure about the body. It could have molded on clothes. Grrr ... boo, hiss. I looooaaattthhheeee molded on clothes. It's the doll collector in me, but I want my figures to be able to change clothes. I want them for civilian action. Sigh. Very impatient sigh. Well ... guess I'll wait and see if/when the 12" ToyBiz Wolverine figures reach Philly, if the face is attractive enough and if the head can be transferred to a Hot Toys body.

Then again, I'm not 100% sold on the ToyBiz head. ToyBiz did some 12" Lord of the Rings figures. I bought the Gandalf one - he was the best of the figures. Beady eyes on the lot of them. (Aside: no woman should ever be rendered in 12" doll form by ToyBiz. Their Arwen and Galadriel give Dusty a run for fugliest doll. Shudder. Blech!)

I have a 12" Van Helsing figure, but that figure doesn't get Hugh Jackman's eyes right. I think of him as my Neil "Song Sung Blue" Diamond Van Helsing.

Toys R Us has New Playmates Star Trek Figures

The Wyncote Toys R Us has the 12" Star Trek figures by Playmates. This line includes Kirk, Spock, Old Spock, and McCoy at $30. These figures seem to be modeled on the new Star Trek cast from the upcoming movie except for Old Spock who resembles Leonard Nimoy. If I found the McCoy for much less - say $10, I might get that one. The others don't interest me.

If Playmates should create a diorama for these 12" figures ... now that would be fun. Probably expensive, but still fun.