Saturday, March 13, 2010

Downsizing - No, Rightsizing! And Decisions ....

I was going through my doll and action figure stuff when I realized that - as fellow collector Kim stated, I am NOT downsizing, I am actually "rightsizing." The difference is that "rightsizing" means I am removing stuff I no longer need to keep. That removal allows space for the things I want to access. On the other hand, "downsizing" makes me think "loss" and "reduction."

So I am "rightsizing." Grin.

Thanks, Kim, it sounds nicer already. Less punitive ring.

I've found some more things to add to my Exit List. Three playsets: an extra Power Team gym I forgot that I had, Skipper's Teen Slumber Party Bedroom, and the Stylin' Dressing Room of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Those are to go. No problem. I have someone who might want the gym. Will check with him before offering on The Doll Page. Some more difficult decisions, too.

Like the 2004 and 2008 Barbie for Presidents dolls. I have both the Asian American and the Hispanic dolls for 2004 and the Asian American doll for 2008. Problem? I want the red pants suit from the 2004 doll but I prefer the Asian doll for 2008. (The 2008 doll has a more interesting hairstyle. Seems less "dolly.") So I'm trying to decide whether I will debox the Hispanic or the Asian 2004 doll for the suit and if I will keep the 2008 Asian American doll. I also have a Fashion Fever doll with similar coloring only different facial screening and hairstyle from the 2008 Asian American Barbie for President. Sigh. Time for photo help.

And here's another photo with the two Asian American dolls that I may or may not keep. They don't look so very alike. The Hispanic Barbie for President has the Teresa head mold and an average face screening. So I might debox her so that I can keep that outfit. Sell the 2004 Asian American NRFB and the 2004 Hispanic doll nude and keep the other two. (Sell the cheesy blue-multi striped suit of the 2008 Asian American Barbie for President.)

I can adjust as I see the other dolls being sold. Just have to remember that I am rightsizing. Right ....