Sunday, September 13, 2015

14 Chocolate-Theme DAFs

Lindt Excellence dark chocolate for ME!
SpinMaster Liv candy

Today is International Chocolate Day. I hope everyone has had the chocolate of his or her choice. Below is a list of 14 dolls and/or action figures that refer to chocolate. Can you think of playscale ones I missed? Share in a comment if you can.

Chocolate Bon Bon was the name for the darker brunette color of Twist'n Turn Barbie for 1967-68.

Oreo Barbie and Oreo Fun Barbie - the one time Mattel should NOT have made a Black version.

Hershey’s Barbie doll

Chocolate Obsession Barbie doll

Happy Holidays Kelly with Hot Chocolate

White Chocolate Easter Sweetie Kelly
Milk Chocolate Easter Sweetie Melody
Dark Chocolate Easter Sweetie Kerstie

Candy Factory Lucy - miniature chocolate candies included

I Love Lucy Job Switching - miniature chocolate candies included

Sekiguchi Momoko Orange Chocolate     

Gentle Giant produced a Willy Wonka figure

Medicom also produced a Willy Wonka figure

I know I should have added See's Candies Barbie ...