Saturday, January 30, 2010

Walmart Finds January 2010

Liv Alexis photo of doll and her dog. Poor, poor Alexis. She's drowned in a dowdy denim skirt and purple fur ... shrug? Only her poseable body would be useful. Don't see anything redeemable in this outfit.

Princess Tiana and her female friend, sold separate. Yet another bulbous headed doll. Do most kids really prefer big-headed dolls? As a child, I despised Ideal's Tammy for having a enormous head and exalted Barbie for having a "normal-sized" head. Or perhaps it's the Bratz influence? But I think that the Mattel Disney dolls have always had big heads.

At least half of my Kens sat down and cried when I showed them the above photo. Orange, purple and pink? Orange, purple and pink! What sadist designed these fashions? How can they hold up their heads as partner to Barbie wearing those colors? Too, too much cruelty in the world.