Saturday, January 30, 2010

Walmart Finds January 2010

Liv Alexis photo of doll and her dog. Poor, poor Alexis. She's drowned in a dowdy denim skirt and purple fur ... shrug? Only her poseable body would be useful. Don't see anything redeemable in this outfit.

Princess Tiana and her female friend, sold separate. Yet another bulbous headed doll. Do most kids really prefer big-headed dolls? As a child, I despised Ideal's Tammy for having a enormous head and exalted Barbie for having a "normal-sized" head. Or perhaps it's the Bratz influence? But I think that the Mattel Disney dolls have always had big heads.

At least half of my Kens sat down and cried when I showed them the above photo. Orange, purple and pink? Orange, purple and pink! What sadist designed these fashions? How can they hold up their heads as partner to Barbie wearing those colors? Too, too much cruelty in the world.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

LOL! I saw Alexis at Wal-Mart today and thought the same thing about her dreadful outfit. Horrible... just horrible.

But... I had to LOL again, because I purchased 3 of the Ken outfits today. Well... what's a girl to do when there is absolutely nothing else available for male dolls his size on store shelves.

In my defense, I have seen these outfits repeatedly over the past few weeks and gasped at their initial sight. I even asked my husband during one shopping trip, "What were they thinking???"

After seeing them over and over and not having anything else from which to choose, (hanging my head in absolute shame), I purchased all except the orange one. Oh well...

D7ana said...

I will get the first Alexis, but NOT this second one. Brrr ... that outfit. And her a vibrant teenager. Tsk, tsk, Spinmaster!

Debbie, I understand. Ken and 12" guys need clothes other than the ones they came in. Eventually, I am going to get the pink tux because it makes me google.

BTW, my Movie Star Barbie informed me that she would be happy for any Ken to wear that pink tux. Wouldn't she rather Ken be in a traditional black, blue or gray jacket? Oh, no. Only conservative fuddy duddies would think that. Ken's job is to coordinate with Barbie. Suppose she wore a pink dress that shade and Ken - as the best Kens would do - wore that matching tux. The effect of her outfit would be magnified. She could not understand some crybaby, fake Kens who did not know their role in the Barbieverse. They should be returned to the factory until they manned up as they should.

Ahem. So perhaps that is the perspective. Sigh. All together now, "poor Ken."

smidge girl said...

Poor Ken! Geez, they just can't give the poor guy a break, can they. They dress him up just like one of Liv's little dogs! And I agree, what a disappointment, with the outfit. Maybe if the fur is separate the top can be salvaged? Such a bummer, since I only want the body, and the clothes would have been a bonus anyway! Sigh. Thanks for the photos anyway:)

ps- D7ana, you know you're spending too much time online when you're typing google instead of giggle, lol!

D7ana said...

Ah, that's a great catch, SmidgeGirl, LOL. I do spend too much time online ;-}

But in this case, I meant this "google". Stunned by their gaudiness, I googled [stared at] the outfits. Poor Ken, I thought.

AilanthusAltissima said...

LOL about the Ken outfits. I suspect that Mattel is designing playline outfits for what they **think** kids (mostly girls) want or rather, what they think kids' parents want the kids to want. I don't think the designs have much to do with what anybody actually wants in reality. IMO, Mattel has a tendency to over-infantilize children in the types of products that they produce.

AilanthusAltissima said...

I think the big, bulbous heads are intentional. Big heads and big eyes are signs of youth (human babies and many young animals have big heads relative to their adult size). There is a name for this, but I forgot what it is. Biologists speculate that there is something with the big heads and big eyes that bring out a protective instinct in adults which insures that they will care for otherwise defenseless babies. Big heads and eyes are also supposed to be attractive to children.

D7ana said...

I agree, Kim, with your comment about Mattel infantilizing children. Little girls today wear black and animal prints. So I look at Ken wear and wonder, why?

As for the big eyes and big heads evoking protective instinct - and I don't recall the technical name for that - I would go along with it. My cat has these big green eyes and when his pupils enlarge, I go into full-fledged "coo" mode. What's the baby want? And for that time, he's the baby that I have to feed, cosset, and protect. Biological programming ... argh!

I've always liked my dolls independent though. But I do understand better the reason for the bigger heads and eyes now. Thanks for that comment ;-D.

Ms. Leo said...

Only you, D7ana, can save Liv Alexis from that over-sized denim skirt! Give it one of your fuller figured dolls. While you are at it, find a new head for the body! We are putting are faith in you! HeHe!

D7ana said...

Ms. Leo, your faith in my rescue skills touches me. Cough, cough. However, I will leave that particular rescue to another. Selfishly, I will opt for the first Liv with the cute jeans and blouse. My fuller figured ladies assure me that they could not fit that skirt at all. Truly, they would not be seen dea - um in that too tight skirt.

MissSpottyJane said...

I had the same reaction to the 2nd Ed. Alexis fashion. I really hope the line doesn't lose its momentum.

I really like that dress on the Disney Friend doll. She's now on my long list of dolls to buy and strip.

Niel Camhalla said...

I think dolls with big heads are cute but I don't go buy them. They just won't fit in with my other dolls.

About Ken's fashion, I'm okay with the colors. It's the style I'm not happy with. I would have preferred something up to date like maybe clothes like this:

AilanthusAltissima said...

I guess the big head theory wasn't implemented well with Liv. You pointed out earlier that the doll has a vacant stare. Or maybe a look of perpetual surprise.

E. A said...

Oooh, am I the only one who likes those Ken fashions? Probably. Orange, purple and pink are always stylish in my book!

D7ana said...

MissSpottyJane, yes, that pink v-neck gown worn by Princess Tiara's friend, is attractive. Don't think that I would buy the doll for the gown though ... my 1:6 community overfloweth already ;-)

Niel, among the outfits shown on that link - thanks for sharing btw - the Bottega Veneta salmon pink shirt and orange pants look bright and cheery. Maybe it's the hue, but that *works* for me. I agree that it isn't just the colors; it's the style AND the colors. LOL

Regarding bigheaded dolls, like Niel, I find them tricky to use with "regular" headed dolls. Kim, the big heads AND the staring eyes of the Liv dolls put me off their faces. (Just thought of the Pullip dolls - they look okay despite the big heads.) On the other hand, those negatives ease any awkwardness about popping off their heads and using those articulated bodies for other, more proportioned dolls.

E.A., the pink tuxedo has become more charming despite its Pepto Pink coloring. Maybe it could work for a prom scene? The red-purple shirt would have been better with either red pants or purple pants that matched the shirt. The blue jeans don't work with that shirt - for me.

The orange tee shirt would have been fine had they NOT added longer sleeves. Ick. Add the turquoise and brown horizontal striped shorts ... bleh.

The powder blue pullover makes me think of infantwear. Goo goo Ken.

However, E.A., take heart. Mattel produced those outfits so someone else must like them ;-D