Monday, July 30, 2012

YNU Group Mixis Sale Reminder

Mixis Sale has one last day - tomorrow - when you can get all FOUR dolls for $80.00 Please note: that amount does NOT include the shipping from Canada cost. But if you are interested in this doll line, send YNU Group your request. Good luck!

Tim Gunn Barbies at Target - Thanks, Allison!

Alison in CA has news and photos of the soon-to-be launched Tim Gunn Barbies,  Target exclusives. I'm not particularly fashion-keen, but I think the fashions look neat for Barbie-wear. Then again, these dolls probably are targeted (ouch, I slay me as [No]Angelus would say) for adult collectors. Very classy and stylish looking. Pity they seem to be on Model Muse bodies. Shrug.

My would gets are the Casual Style and the Work Style. Now those are outfits that I would wear myself. Can you repeat after me, "Fat chance." Sigh.