Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15th - October 15th

Hola! Today is the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States of America. The cultures and the contributions made to the country by Hispanic Americans will be in the spotlight from now until October 15th. Since I am not aware of any Hispanic fashion doll designers or action figure designers, I will share information about Hispanic dolls and/or action figures in my collection or that I would like in my collection. (If anyone knows any Hispanic toy designers, please share that information. Send a link or links here and I'll add them to a separate post. Thanks in advance - smile.)

These three lovely Hispanic dolls are from the 2002 Fashion Forward line that was produced by Integrity Toys and Jason Wu using Helene Hamilton's Hispanic Candi face mold. Whew. Quite a mouthful, hmm? That's my over-simplified version of this part of Candi doll history.

Note: to see catalog photos of these dolls, please click the last word here.

Fashion Forward 2002 Hispanic Candis

Ultra Chic Candi

On the Go Candi

Sublime Elegance Candi

Ultra Chic Candi's accessories

Pssst ... interested in having a Hispanic Candi of your own? Well, visit My Favorite DollMargaret Matsui has a Holiday Candi Toast on sale for $15.00 USD. The wine red dress with the puffed skirt alone is worth the $15.00 easily. I have the Asian Holiday Candi Toast so I know of what I speak. Gorgeous. And she comes with a bottle of champagne and two long-stemmed glasses ... doll-sized, of course.

Wait, forget I mentioned this doll being on sale. Give me time to get one okay? No, I am joking. I really don't need the dress again OR the doll again. Really. Truly.

Oh, and you might also add one or both of the International Swedish Candis. Might. I'm not twisting anyone's arm. Wink.