Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Plane, A Gelato Truck, and a Mobile Home

Anyone seeking raw material for new playsets? How about an airplane with a cockpit AND passenger seating, or a gelato truck, or a mobile home? Got your attention? Good.

I was walking by a Toys R Us Express store when I saw three NEW fashion doll playsets. Yes, for 11.5 dolls. No, I'm NOT talking about Mattel playsets. Not talking about Hasbro stuff either. These playsets are from a generic toy company whose name might be "Sweet" although more likely, that is the brand name for their playscale toys. I have not bought any of these sets yet, but I did want to alert PhillyCollector readers to these roughly $39.95 each set. Let's start with the airliner ....

Next to the gelato truck - note, NOT "ice cream truck" - "gelato truck" ....

And here is the mobile home ....

Since I do not own any of these new toys, I found other links to provide additional reviews and photos about them:

Airliner review and photos

More airliner reviews here and here

Reviews for the mobile home, can be read here. Happy reading. Please share any projects - big smile.