Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Value City (Cheltenham Avenue) Closing Sale

The Value City Department Store on Cheltenham Avenue is closing. Barbie dolls that are on sale -- 30% off -- include:

Top Model Barbie, Summer, and Teresa -- the Resort and the Hair Wear issues
Mary Poppins, Bert, Jane and Michael
Titanic Barbie
Festivals of the World Barbie -- Irish Dance

I got the Bert doll. Out of the ice cream man suit - white pants, white shirt, orange-red stripes on white jacket, sky blue socks and white plastic loafers -- he could be a jolly school principal. I'll save the suit for a character playing an ice cream man.

Well. I'm not crying. In spite of the dirgy holiday songs that played while I shopped. (Dirgy music is any holiday song by Robert Goulet, Harry Connick Jr., that -- shudder -- sound.) I got some great deals at this Value City store over the years from the White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor doll at $9.99 to the elusive Flavas Awards series (Tre and Liam who came with wigs!) at $3.99 each. It is sad to see this store close. Especially since the K B Toys in the Cheltenham Square Mall closed a few years ago. So the only toy spot in that immediate area is Burlington Coat Factory.

Target will be coming to the Cheltenham Square Mall. Now Target does have a toy department, but I don't think that they would ever have anything like the Flavas Awards dolls. So I'll miss Value City for that. Thanks Value City.