Thursday, October 3, 2013

Scans From a Power Team Booklet (by M&C Toys

Time for something new, yes? Below are scans from an M & C Toy Centre Ltd. booklet for the 12" Power Team figures. Hope you enjoy seeing the figures and the accessories created for these doll and action figure favorites!

As much as I like the Power Team figures, I pass on their vehicles. I don't care for the quality - the vehicles seem a little cheesy. Great bargain, I do not doubt, but not particularly striking or amazing. And I would need to revamp them for civilian use.

One Power Team accessories stands out from the rest: the Battle Command Post. The Battle Command Post is a two-story house front/building that was intended to be a bombed out house. However, many diorama creators have revamped that playset into a variety of new structures. Unfortunately, I do not remember the original links to those dioramas or the original price. Possibly around $30-$69 before shipping. I wish I had bought one. Don't want to think what the cost for that structure would be today.

The Power Team Elite World Peacekeepers figures wearing various uniforms.

More accessories ... note the realism of the horse. Sigh. Now that is a real horse. No curly eyelashes or pastel colored eyes. No pink hair. I would have liked to have one of their horses. But I have their donkey instead, and I am happy with that creature - smile. (Aside: need to get my donkey photos up.)

I have larger photos on my Pinterest board, Playscale Dolls and Action Figures. Additional photos of the playscale Power Team items can be found here, here, and here.

Please note though that M & C Toys has another similar playset for their smaller figures. So if you see the Battle Command Post offered for a really low price, check that that playset is for the 12" figures or that it is for 1:6 scale figures.