Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Japanese Jenny and Friends by Takara

"So long, it's been good to know you ..."

I've been going through my Takara Jenny and friends dolls. Who is to stay? Who wants to go? Now Takara Jenny dolls usually have this innocent look that I find appealing even though their eyes are larger than the majority of dolls and action figures in my collection. They look sweet without being cloyingly, sticky-icky sweet. And once upon a time, they had the best looking accessories and wonderful diorama settings ... But let's get back to the subject at hand. Who is to go and who is to stay?

Here are the ones that are staying:

Prince Charles. Why? Because he is so adorably stodgy.

Jenny's Club Jane. Why? Because she's a rare grinner among Takara dolls.

Calendar Girl Jenny, July, Regggae Music. Why? Yarn dreadlocks and that over-sized hat.

Two Kisaras, two Linas, Meiren, two Mitsukis, Moe, Naomi, Rie, Sayaka, Shou, Tamaki, three Toms, and Uno Kanda. Why? Because I still like something about them. They appeal to me. They might look inquisitive (Meiren) or solemn (the Toms and the Linas) or lively (Moe and Shou).

And these are the ones that are going:

Left Francois; middle Limited Edition Kisara; and right Life Style Coordination Kisara close up

Left Kaori Chan and right, Olive close up

Angel Garden Slice of School Days Ferice. Why? Too anime. [Not shown here.]

Limited Edition Fransois. Why? Too anime.

Limited Edition Kisara. Why? I don't know. Just not "feeling" her. She's "sunburst" colored (suntanned), and she has streaked AND crimped hair. I should still want her.

Life Style Coordination Kisara. Why? I don't know. Just not "feeling" her either. And I usually like Kisara of the Side-Glancing Eyes. Shrug.

Limited Edition Kaori Chan. Why? Pretty but vacant.

Hajimemashite Olive. Why? I like her outfit, but I can't remember why I bought her.

Life Style Coordination Rosana. Why? Gee, do I really want to sell her? Pause. Cross her off this list. [Not shown here.]

Jenny's Club Tamaki. Why? Can't remember why I bought her. Possibly for her gold-coin colored hair? Now I think someone else would appreciate her more than I. So she should go. [Not shown here.]

I don't regret buying any of these dolls. It's just that my tastes have changed since I bought them. I'll upload photos of the missing Ferice and the missing JC Tamaki in a separate post to follow.

Cost? $15.00 each for the swimsuit dolls; $18.00 for the dressed Olive; and $20.00 for Angel Garden Schoolgirl Ferice and JC Tamaki who was a special order doll. Postage NOT included.

Now I am curious. Do the Takara Jenny dolls interest you? Why or why not?