Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Confronting the Top Shelf - Deboxing Shelf Unit A

The top shelf of the shelving unit I will be calling Unit A holds 9 NRFB Smartees dolls, 1 NRFB Mattel Batgirl on Batcycle, and 1 MIB Aoshima/Skynet Ladies Mission Street Princess.

1. The Ladies Mission figure will keep her box. It's got photos of other dolls in the series, and the cardboard isn't cheesy. I like this doll so she's a keeper. For now, I'll leave her on that top shelf.

2. The Mattel Batgirl ... I don't care for her face. I'll set the head aside in the Heads box I have. Those I will probably give away. The outfit seems too gaudy for her to fight criminals at night so I'm saving that for a future doll/action figure costume shop. I can use her Poser body for another figure. (Yes, yeah, yay!)

The Batcycle, I'm keeping to customize. It's customized somewhere online. (Need to find that link. Possibly Brad Gorby's website? The box can be broken down and discarded. It's thinner cardboard with a clear plastic front.

3. The Smartees figures. Okay here's where the procrastination bug bites. The boxes aren't sturdy, but they have photographs of the series. They're protecting the dolls from dust. Sigh. Plus there is the question of what to do with the accessories included - keep them with the dolls or in a separate, themed box? Have to decide on that. Hmmm ...

Now for the Smartees dolls themselves. I am inclined to keep all of them. Sure they have those tiny bound feet, and they have the same face/head mold with different facial screening. Since they have different professions, they would probably not all be in the same photo or photostory.

So that's the situation with the top shelf of Shelf Unit A. Nothing to be sold from there and only one head to donate.

Cheetah Girls Dolls

When I first saw the PlayAlong Cheetah Girls dolls, they were just new dolls. I recognized Raven-Symoné, but none of the other Cheetah Girls were familiar to me. I was not familiar with the teen book series or the Disney movies based on the group. (Like the situation of the High School Musical dolls ... I just saw dolls.) For those interested in the background(s) of the characters, there is a Wikipedia article elaborating on the novel series and offering links to related sites.

I like the dolls, but I'm not fond of their clothes. Below, the Cheetah Girls dolls: