Friday, July 31, 2009

S.i.S. Updates Elsewhere on the Web

Two links to new photos of the S.i.S. dolls elsewhere on the web:

Sneak Peek of S.i.S. Stylin' Hair Dolls from Dolls of Color

Gangstarrgirl offers slightly larger, different photos of the Rocawear dressed S.i.S. dolls.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where are the Asian Fashion Dolls?

Recent posts on doll blogs I follow (Dolls of Color, Niel’s Dolls) inspired me to see what playline Asian fashion dolls are available today. During the late 1990s and early-mid 2000s, doll companies created Asian fashion dolls as part of their doll line up. I am thinking Get Set Club (Gia), Get Real Girls (Skylar), Smartees (Amanda), and I-Girls (Asia). What Asian fashion dolls are available now?

There were three criteria needed for my Asian playline dolls:

1. that the dolls were by any company OTHER than Mattel (removes Disney/Mattel from the list)

2. that the dolls were under $25 USD

3. that the dolls were in playscale or 1:6 scale

4. that the dolls could still be purchased today

These four dolls met the above criteria:

Playmates’ Asian everGirl who remains on sale at

Yue Sai Wa Wa available through mail order from ChinaSprout and possibly still available from local toy stores. (I bought mine from a K B Toys stores several years ago.)

Mei Ling also available from ChinaSprout

Jade Princess (under the Just Girlz line by Sears Holding Corporation) is still on sale at some Kmart stores.

Playmates everGirl and Kmarts Just Girlz Jade Princess

Yue-Sai Wa Wa

Mei Ling

Related online articles:

China Doll entry from Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture

Multicultural Dolls: 101 - by Ellen Fitzenrider article from 2004

Yue-Sai Kan article

Note: there used to be a website called "Asian Pacific American Toy Chest" that had extensive information about Asian Pacific dolls and action figures. Loren Javier was the site author; unfortunately that website is no longer directly accessible. Using a trackback website might show images from it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Charles Links: Leaky Legs and S.i.S. Updates

I'm passing on two more links to articles by Charles of "My Doll Diary" - the first about leaky Barbies and the second about the S.i.S. line.

Leaky Legs

More on S.i.S. dolls.

Informative and entertaining reads. Enjoy!

Boogie Beach Dynamite Girls Courtesy of ShugaShug

ShugaShug writes about a new doll series, Boogie Beach Dynamite Girls. She has gorgeous close-up photos (prototypes?) of these dolls who are limited to 300 each. Sigh.

Time to clear stuff out - MUST HAVES, these are.

Oh, wait, that's my knee jerk reaction to all stunning new doll series.

ShugaShug is the online name for a doll collector who blogs about Integrity fashion dolls.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Doll Liv by Spinmaster - Courtesy of Charles

Earlier today, I read about a new doll series called LivWorld on here is a link to Charles' article.

I haven't seen these dolls out yet so I am not sure how they are in proportion to Barbie. The bodies might be useful, but the heads look over-sized to me. That could be because they have inset eyes ... but no, the heads just look big. The bodies look jointed. (Visions of transplants running through my head.) The outfits are adorable - very bright and trendy. Wonder if I can use them for other dolls ....

I found the LivWorld official site and a Walmart search for more photos.

Happy viewing and happier hunting!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pose-able Barbies: Jazz Baby, Alvin Ailey, Harley Davidson

When I was a child, Barbie had a twist'n turn waist and bendable knees. Today - thanks to greater articulation in other fashion dolls like Momoko, Susie, Fashion Royalty, etc. - sometimes, Barbie can move her head, twist, fully bend her knees, bend her elbows and sometimes, bend her wrists. Here are some of the more pose-able Barbies:

Let's begin with the Harley Davidson Barbie #5 (2001), the third doll from the left. HD Barbie has the "gymnast" body used for sports Barbies in the 1990s. Her head can move up, down, down, back, side to side. Her elbows bend as do her knees. She has a twist waist (covered by the black teddy she wears).

The first doll from the left is the Cabaret Dancer Barbie from the Jazz Baby series (2007). The CD Barbie has the new "Pivotal" body, introduced with the Jazz Baby dolls. In addition to the articulation listed for the HD Barbie, CD Barbie's wrist bends. Her waist does not twist, but her upper torso can twist as seen by the "break" under her bra line. Like the HD Barbie, she could ride a motorcycle or a horse, but neither she nor the HD Barbie can sit with their legs completely akimbo as the ToyBiz Gandalf shown in the male yoga class photo below.

The last doll is the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre Barbie (2009). As you can see in the photos, she and the CD Barbie have the same bodies EXCEPT for her modified, arched feet, more in keeping for modern/ballet dance positions. The CD Barbie feet are flatter and less arched for cabaret dances.

Both the Cabaret Dancer Barbie and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre Barbie have thinner arms and legs than the Harley Davidson Barbie. The joints are more discreet than with the Harley Davidson Barbie.

If you are interested in reading more about articulated fashion dolls, please read this Men With Dolls thread.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Warning: Summer Heat Advisory

Just a reminder that summer heat can damage dolls. Melting plastic is NOT pretty. Please check on your dolls and action figures. I noticed that the boots for my Harley Davidson Barbie were greasy. Her feet and lower legs - where the boots touched her feet and calves - were also greasy. I have removed the offending boots, and I'm going to wipe her feet.

Sun and heat ruin collections. Take care.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Captain Scarlet - Cool Puppet Series from the 1960s

I was reading about dolls on Historiann's blog when I came across a reference to "Wednesday doll blogging: walking, talking man-barbies!" Well, I had to read that article, didn't I?

At first, I thought they were dolls, then I realized that they were puppets. As a child, I used to find realistic puppets creepy and scary. So I might not have watched this series then. You can watch

Captain Scarlet on Youtube.

Today, I checked the scenes and wondered how to transfer them to 1:6 scale. The puppets do not creep me out. I'm intrigued by the settings. Wonder what scale they were built to?

Darker Shade of Black - Mattel's First Malibu Christie

Mattel has had its share of "regrettable" moments in doll history. By "regrettable," I mean moments when the toy buying and critiquing market responds with anger or outrage. The bottom line is selling product so that the company continues. So few companies actively seek to alienate their clients. Here are some examples we can look at:

Ken - absent penis which lack provides constant negative commentary.

"Colored" Francie - OMG! Barbie has COLORED relatives!

Growing Up Skipper - budding breasts are EVIL!

Kissing Barbie - we won't investigate what she is selling, tsk.

Earring Magic Ken - lavender vest + earrings on a male doll - not for my kids!

"Oreo" Barbie - Oreo is not JUST a cookie, Tom.

Pregnant Midge - nobody's fooled by that silver ring on her left hand, get out the stones! Add pregnant married women to the EVIL list.

BUT I have to give Mattel a hand for an act of quiet significance. Back in 1973, somebody actually paid attention to details. Somebody looked at the Mattel doll line and then looked at the world. So when the Malibu Sun Set dolls were created with suntan (light brown) complexions, Christie also got a darker complexion. Oh. Pause to allow the significance of this event to penetrate. Someone at Mattel recognized that brown Christie could become a darker shade of brown after spending a lot of time in the sun. See the original Christie and the first Malibu Christie here:

Christie: Shades of Black

Is that paying attention? Thanks mysterious somebody or some bodies at Mattel for taking the time to get that detail right and to see that Christie dolls went out suntanned, as did Barbie, Ken, Skipper, and Francie. I don't know if anyone else noticed that "getting it right" moment so if they didn't, then 36 years later, I write, THANKS!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dolls and Action Figures for Sale, Part 1

Emigration Ranks Grow. These dolls and/or action figures are open to relocation - for a fee, of course ;-D

Postage NOT included in the price. Postage will be checked AFTER order has been placed.

The Pricey

Nine to Five Momoko, NRFB, $80

Cool Asian Flower Momoko, NRFB, $100

Hong Kong Susie, NRFB, $50

Hasbro Kristen (Maxie's AA friend), NRFB, $50

Sideshow Wai Lin (Bond Girl), NRFB, $35

Mattel Schoolgirl Reina, NRFB, $25

$15 and Under

Several NRFT Fashion Fever dolls

My Scene Fashion dolls (Barbie, Delancey, Nolee)

Some Dolls of the World, etc.


Two nude doll lots with 7 dolls each - $30 or 35 USD

You can see the dolls For Sale

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

S.i.S. Dolls - Now You See Them, Now You Don't or their vendor, 911Drugstore has the So in Style trio for $49.99 EACH.

Yes, I am serious. No, I haven't had a liquid lunch. The dolls will be sold - they aren't available until September 2009 from this vendor - at more than TWICE the Toys R Us price.

And they must have the same proofreader as on Toys R Us because they, too, name Kara, Trichelle. Then again, maybe they hired that proofreader's even less focused sibling: for the Trichelle-Janessa dolls, they are renamed "Kendal and Kara." Kendal? Confused?

In the meantime, you cannot search for the So in Style or S.i.S. dolls by either title or by their names via the Toys R Us search box. You might think huh? But there probably is a logical reason behind this omission? TRU is probably tired of sending "Out of Stock" messages. Pity.

And for oddity-cherries, check this link:

Toys R Us S.i.S. confusion

Okay, I'm ready for my aspirin.

Project Emigration Continues - Mod and Vintage Gals

Time to upload more photos of more dolls, action figures, and accessories for sale. Project Emigration continues.

These ladies need to get cleaned up so that they can move on. They are SL Midge, TNT Barbie, TNT Francie, and Twiggy:

And there are some mod fashions to go with them here:

I'll check for prices for them and the outfits to see whether I should sell them together or sell them separately.

2009 International Fashion Doll Convention (IFDC)

2009 IFDC
July 29 - August 1, 2009
The Orleans
Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

Summer 2009 means the 7th annual International Fashion Doll Convention. The IFDC is

IFDC Online

And this ( is the group for those who want to keep up to date on IFDC activities whether you're a registered attendee or not.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mattel Rocawear and Barbie - Links

It seems that Barbie or the S.i.S. trio of Grace, Kara, and Trichelle will be wearing Rocawear in honor of the clothing brand's upcoming 10th anniversary.

Below are links to sites showing the S.i.S. dolls, a new Black female doll (Rocawear Barbie herself?), and a new male who resembles Jamal from the Shani line. The outfits look urban cute. Graphics on tee shirts, oversized tops, sneakers, high heels, tight pants, etc.

Smoking Section offers photos.

Prefix Mag provides background about the company's tie in with current musicians.

Black Celebrity Kids offers pre-issue reviews that show some people loving the dolls, others NOT appreciating the Black doll-urban clothing label connection, etc. Opinions, opinions.

My two cents? Shrug. I recognize Rocawear as a clothing label, but I have no strong feelings for or against it. My spare money buys dolls, action figures, stuff for DAFs, books, notebooks, that sort of thing. So for now, I am on the sidelines and I am watching the comments fly back and forth.

Wonder if Mattel will have the outfits available separate or if they tie the outfits in with the S.i.S. dolls?

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Blog About Asian and Other Fashion Dolls

Rudi Teruel of R&D Dolls has a new blog called R&D Spotlight showing updates and photos of new Asian and other fashion dolls like Susie, Momoko, Jenny, Fashion Royalty, etc.

A new source for doll news and photos ... ah.

Black Doll Hair by Mattel

One complaint about the S.i.S. dolls by Mattel is the lack of hair variety. The one straight (Grace), one curly (Kara), and one tightly curled (Trichelle) was not representative of most Black women's hair styles and textures. Interestingly enough, Mattel has produced a variety of Black hair styles and textures in other series. In a previous post, I had shown the variety Mattel achieved with one head mold. Please refer to that post for statements about the hair styles for three of the dolls shown - Harley Davidson Barbie with braids and the two swimming dolls with curly hair - in the first photograph below.

Variation in (Black) Hair by Mattel

Short Black Hair - Avon Representative, Uptown Chic, and Princess of South Africa Barbies

I had thought that the Uptown Chic Barbie and the Princess of South Africa Barbie had flocked hair. Opening the box, I see that the straight hair is cut very short for Uptown Chic Barbie and tightly curled and short for the Avon Representative and the Princess of South Africa Barbies.

Flavas Denim and Diamonds Kiyoni Brown and Generation Girl Nichelle, Long Stiff Hair

People concerned with ethnic authenticity allow that Black hair can be long, but they would find that the texture is usually coarser, curlier, and/or "heavier" than "White hair" or "Asian hair." Black hair is usually NOT "flippy, tossable." See Kiyoni Brown and Nichelle in the photo above. With the Denim and Diamonds version of Kiyoni Brown, Mattel captured this heavier, coarser hair texture. Kiyoni's hair looks like it could have been straightened with a hot comb. Nichelle, in contrast, has slightly relaxed, corkscrew curls similar to but mercifully NOT wet and greasy like the Jheri curl hairstyle worn during the 1980s by Rick James and Michael Jackson.

Here is Kiyoni alone for a closer look at her hair:

Flavas Denim and Diamonds Kiyoni Brown

Use of some of these hair styles rather than the default straight or wavy hairstyles used for the S.i.S. dolls might have satisfied the "authentic" requirement.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Photos in D7ana Flickr Album

I've added a few photos to my Flickr album. There are a few photos that I did not show in yesterday's post.

New Doll Blog Alert: Confessions of a Doll Nerd

New doll blog alert,

Confessions of a Doll Nerd

has a post about a super clearance find at Walmarts. Boy, I'd like to have that lightening strike twice ;-D

Happy Reading!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Action Figures Correct Action Shot

A funny thing happened after I shot some photos of some dolls and action figures. I wasn't sure that I would even post them today. Just fooling around with some figures in a gym setting. Minus some of my gym stuff that I tucked away. Argh. Well, I had taken the photos I wanted so I returned to my computer.

Kunkle, kunkle. I looked up and turned around to where that sound came from. The sound of plastic hitting the carpet. Twisted my head to find my two boxers no longer on the table where I had posed them, but under the table in an action pose better than mine. I laughed to see them there, posed more realistic if more violent than I had intended. Like they wanted to show me what real action poses looked like. Sigh. Everybody's a critic.

Then again, it's getting late. I'm just tired. But here are the photos for you to decide ;-D

Course being me, I had to show them "making nice."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Playscale Girl - Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place

Walmart, Roosevelt Boulevard

At last ... a NEW fashion doll. Mattel Disney offers Alex Russo the wizard-in-training heroine from the Disney Channel show, The Wizards of Waverly Place. Alex seems to have a High School Musical sized body; she was next to HSM Sharpay in the store, and they seemed "in scale." The likeness to the actress who plays Alex - Selena Gomez - is slight. Seeing the doll and the photo, I thought, oh, that's who the doll is. Hmm. She might have the same head mold as HSM Gabrielle only with a paler complexion. (I'd have to have both dolls together so that I could scrutinize - i.e., stare back and forth between the two, possibly do a little measuring, etc. Okay, I'm joking about the measuring bit.)

Cute doll and yes, one to add to my Want List. Cost? Single doll $14.99 USD. Make that on my Want-but-can-Wait List LOL. The rainbow top is cute as are the tan pants, but for $15, she needs to have more than a cute face and a moderately cute outfit. Shrug. Then again, I thought that about the 10" Mattel Harry Potter Hermione and who's crying now? (Not the doll ... me.)

Still she's new. I took a photo of her in the rainbow top outfit; she comes in another outfit as well, but this photo looks clearer.

The ASMzine Toyfair 2009 Alex doll looks Polly Pocket-sized. Shrug. Perhaps Mattel issued two doll sets? There seems to be a third 10" Mattel doll issued with two different outfits at Atamaii for $24.95 BEFORE postage.

Maybe $15 is not so bad after all.

This Wizards on YouTube link is the only other reference I can find online at this time.

Please note: I do not have cable tv nor am I familiar with this tv show other than what I read in the doll links. I collect dolls and action figures, regardless of the backstory attributed by the manufacturers.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Barbie 2010 Doll Previews

No photos - just names and descriptions from The Doll Genie:

2010 Barbies

Let's start with the Ladies of the 80s dolls. Cyndi Lauper and Joan Jett are two iconic singers from the 1980s listed. Can I hope for Pat Benatar, Tina Turner, Gloria Esteban, Debbie Harry (Blondie), Paula Abdul, and Donna Summers? And on NEW headmolds, please? Saying please with whipped cream and a cherry on top ....

The Dolls of the World series continues with Italy and Russia. There must be a short list of approved companies because those countries have been represented before. Not arguing against their inclusion. Just curious why the same countries keep popping up. A desire NOT to challenge our country knowledge base? Sigh.

Then there's a My Favorite Black Barbie series to open with the 1980s Black Barbie. I have the original 1980s Black Barbie with the Steffie head mold. Pretty doll. Hmmm. It will be interesting to see which dolls are chosen for this series ... will we collectors get repeats of the Black-only issued dolls like the Fashion Savvy Collection and the Shani trio or the inimitable African American Oreo Barbie, possibly the shortest-lived Black Barbie on the market.

Whoa ... I better watch out or I'll get sued. Sigh. Me, I would add the Oreo Black Barbie because of the OMG-they-didn't-factor along with an explanation of the cultural significance. Sigh again. Then again, I am NOT in charge of a large doll and toy company. The world is a safer place. And I sit here safe.

Barbie Convention 2009 Links

Barbie® Doll's 50th Anniversary Convention
July 7th through July 11th, 2009
The Marriott Wardman Park, Washington D.C.

Official Barbie Convention Website

DollyDaily Convention News

Twitter Search

Friday, July 10, 2009

Roville Update - July 10, 2009

Check out the breathtaking park scene in the newest Roville photostory. I feel cooler just seeing those scenes ;-)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chris Flexing Muscles for Mixis Emerald and Houda

"What big muscles you have," Houda said.

Three New Dolls: Celebrate Disco and S.i.S. Kara & Kianna

I saw the S.i.S. dolls in the Cottman Avenue Toys R Us. They had two Grace & Courtney sets and one each of the others. I looked at Grace, but between the hot pants and the frosted lipstick, I realized, I could hold off on getting her. Trichelle & Janessa, I could also hold on getting because Trichelle reminds me a lot of the first Raven doll (I have) and she has red-red threads running through her black curls. Kara won because her red-brown hair, warm brown complexion, and medium brown eyes differed from the other dolls in my collection. Photos below:

Back of the box ... when they show graphics here, I like to see them.

And a gift from my Mom:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sindy, the Doll You Love to Dress

Sindy AKA Barbie's competition in the United Kingdom, was produced in 1963. Sindy resembled another American fashion doll, Tammy, and even shared the same byline, the Doll You Love to Dress. When I was young, Tammy held no appeal for me. Tammy's head was GINORMOUS; she had no sophistication, no mystery. So I would not have thought that Sindy would hold any appeal to me as I grew into my teens because Sindy also had a bulbous big head. BUT Sindy had an exotic appeal that Tammy lacked: Sindy had the British edge.

Think Hammer House of Horror, Dark Shadows, and later Masterpiece Theatre. Goth Glamour. The similarities and the differences between British English and American English intrigued me. So when I saw the Pedigree-by-way-of-Marx brunette Funtime Sindy sometime in 1978 or 1979, well, I was more receptive. Sindy would be my third British-themed doll - Mattel's Twist'n turn Stacey and Mary Quant's Daisy were my first and second.

Sindy's realistic furniture and accessories were added to my collection. Then sometime in the early-mid 2000s, I discovered the Vivid Imaginations Sindy and Mel. Added them to my collection. The Vivid Imaginations Sindy doll had better head proportions although her build remained more youthful, more early teen build than MOST Barbies produced at the same time.

I started a Webshots folder with a Pedigree Sindy outfit. My other Sindy items will be added in the future.

For information about Sindy in her various forms, please read Sindy on Wikipedia AND for more recent information, see the current Pedigree Sindy 2000+.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hasbro Guy Identified: The Defender

The Mystery has been solved, thanks to SuperCoolDollHouse and TheRealDollNerd.

In my July 2, 2009 post, I show a 12" action figure whom I call "my Hasbro guy." Well, SuperCoolDollHouse showed the photo to TheRealDollNerd who identified my Hasbro guy as "The Defender."

I think that Don America aka "The Defender" is pleased to have his identity restored.

Monday, July 6, 2009

More Links About Mattel Twilight Edward - Darn

I did say that I did NOT like the Twilight movie, didn't I?

I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to pop Bella or Edward first. Long, boring pauses with "deep soul-gazing" looks made me long for a fast forward button. The Edward deep-sniffing Bella bit struck me as funny, crazy, and impertinent. Was this a commercial stressing the importance of soap, water, DEODORANT, and the frequent application of the three? Mercifully, I don't recall the dialogue - but I recall shaking my head. A lot. When the "bad vampires" went after Bella, I hoped that they would get her. I howled in disappointment when they didn't.

I did NOT like the movie Twilight.

So now, I am getting my comeuppance for plotting on dolls based on a movie I did NOT like ...

On Toys R, Edward is described as having golden eyes and "shimmering" skin. I "translated" that description to "hazel eyes and really pale skin." I'll pretend he has a skin disease. Then I read an article in Orato, an online magazine: Robert Pattinson Gets Own Barbie Doll in which the Edward doll is described as having "semi-transparent skin" and "red-rimmed eyes." So much for my assertion to another collector, that the Twilight doll would look "normal" because "He's by Mattel. They'll want to re-use the head." Ha!

It's like the movie bit [me] back through the Mattel dolls. Sigh.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Organizing Clothes by Season and Size

Note to self: separate doll and action figure clothes by season (spring-summer and fall-winter) as well as size. Most things will go in the spring-summer bin; heavy coats, jackets, sweaters, boots, etc. will go in the fall-winter bin. Then if I can break down by size -

infants/toddlers - 3" babies, Kellys, Todds

children - 8-10" children like Stacey, Harry Potter (young Hermione)

teens - 9-12" young people like Skipper, HSM crew, Mystery Squad, Generation Girl

adults - 9-13" juniors

misses - 10-13" fuller bodied females like G.I.R.L. Force, Get Set, Mixis, CyGirl

plump or husky - heavyset figures (probably keep w. individual doll or action figure)

Ideally, I would like to store the outfits I use for certain dolls or action figures with the doll or action figure. Course that makes it harder to share/borrow clothes across the lines.

2009 Independence Day, USA

Happy Independence Day!

Taboo took some photos of the morning fun.

Kat Listens to the Guitarist

Vinnie Barbeques while Nakia and Other Guests Play Basketball

Other Guests Stretch before Swimming or Chat with Kat

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mattel to Produce 12" Twilight Jacob in February 2010

I learned this exciting news at Denise Van Patten's Doll Collecting Blog, that

1. the Twilight Edward and Bella dolls will be released this November


2. that Mattel will release a Twilight Jacob in February 2010.

Here is the link: Denise's Blog

I think that Jacob is the Native American young man. It will be interesting to see Mattel do a new ethnic figure ... wonder if he will use an existing head mold or a completely new one.

Childhood Finds: Malibu Christie and Hasbro Guy

I found this single doll carrying case that houses two of my childhood dolls: Malibu Christie and a Hasbro action figure. Christie was one of my favorite dolls so while she has slight dust from being in that doll case for so many years, she is in pretty good condition. Likewise the Hasbro guy ... whom I bought in a baggie. His name is Captain Don America - at least, that is what I called him. (I don't recall his "real name.") As I took the photo, I thought

1. dust gets into doll cases

2. my Captain America was in the closet

I'm not saying that my Hasbro guy is gay. He's been Christie's companion for years. No, what struck me is that I had him in the closet area, along with Christie's clothes and accessories. OMG, it hit me, I have Kenified an action figure. I had relegated him to "accessory status."

I better duck the Joe fans.

Don's placement wasn't intentionally cruel or deliberate. It is a single doll case. It is Christie's case. There isn't enough room for Christie and Don to fit in that one doll slot. Don was in the closet so that he could share Christie's space. He was/is her man - after she had dated a brown fuzzhead G.I. Joe* and a Black fuzzhead G.I. Joe**.

I suppose I feel embarrassed that my action figures were demoted on entering my then largely doll world. They were drafted into "girl play." All their glory and ranking swept aside to allow them to support a child's storytelling. Rather like I did my dolls so maybe I was not so very bad to them after all.

For anyone curious, when last "played with" Christie was Chief of Police and Mayor of the Doll Kingdom. But Don became Chief of Police when Christie decided that she needed more time for her art. According to the side of the Malibu Christie box, Christie was Barbie's artistic friend.


*the brown-haired Joe succumbed to drink.

**the Black Joe fell apart due to drug abuse. Translated: hard play involving Joe "blowing his mind" led to a breakdown of his strung body.

Hope no one is setting up a rescue mission for my action figures. I'm sure that they are happy here. Doesn't Don look happy?